Heritage, Volume 2, Number 3, Summer 1985

X ATexas A&M University Press
^w Drawer C, College Station, Texas

The Wonderful Country
Written and illustrated by
7Tom Lea
Torn between two languages, two
cultures and conflicting identities,
young Martin Brady finds himself
alone in a world of violence. Reprinted
from the 1952 novel, The Wonderful
Country is a fast-moving adventure,
a classic tale of the West.
51/2x8. 400 pp. illus. $15.95

i 77843-4354

Gone From Texas
Our Lost Architectural
Willard B. Robinson
Examining the development of
both private and public architecture
from the earliest Indian dwellings and
Hispanic structures into the Twentieth
Century, Willard B. Robinson records
the history of Texas' architectural
past. Abundantly illustrated, Gone
from Texas preserves a perspective
that otherwise might have disappeared
with the buildings.
81/2x11. 304 pp. 252 b&w illus.

Mr. Claude
Ada Morehead Holland
Possessed of a fiery temper and
often just one step ahead of the law,
Claude Barr Kennedy lived and worked
in the Piney Woods of deep East
Texas when big sawmills dotted the
land and consumed the virgin forests.
Conflicts created by the sawmill industry's
demands for conformity, his
own individualism, and his family's
needs vividly render an age and a lifestyle
that would be shuddered at by
the emancipated woman of today.
The story of rural Texas itself, Mr.
Claude is an account of hard timesof
moving from job to job, shopping
in company stores, living in makeshift
houses, and sharecropping to
make ends meet-a human drama of
family ties and the strains that
threaten to unweave them.
6x9. 160 pp. illus. $12.50
Sawdust Empire
The Texas Lumber Industry,
Robert S. Maxwell
Robert D. Baker
In the earliest days of the Republic,
when a few isolated operations provided
for local lumber needs and the
forested area equaled the state of
Indiana, the Texas lumber industry
was born. In this, the first comprehensive
story of logging and lumbering
in Texas, over one hundred
photographs help to tell the story
from its beginning through the state's
development as one of the nation's
leading timber producers.
81/2X11. 256 pp. 111 b&w illus.

Texas A&M University Press, College Station, Texas 77843-4354
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