Governor's Message to the 56th legislature.

Article IV, Section 9, of the Texas Constitution provides:
"The Governor shall, at the commencement of
each session of the Legislature.. give to the Legislature
information, by message, of the condition of the State;
and he shall recommend to the Legislature such measures
as he may deem expedient."
Now, on the condition of the State, I am glad to report that it is much
better than the condition of the General Revenue Fund of the State.
In all seriousness, we know that to be true. Personal income and bank
deposits in Texas are at an all-time high. The Wall Street Journal reports that
corporation profits have soared during the past quarter and are expected to rise
even more during the year. The drought is ended; farmers and cattlemen are in
better shape than in many years; the temporary recession, which was felt only
slightly in Texas, appears to be over; employment continues to rise; and all
predictions are for an increase in business and income through 1959 and 1960.
The oil industry and all who profit from it, directly or indirectly, are
still hurt by excessive foreign oil imports, but Texas continues to produce 41%
of the Nation's oil. With great expansion in the gas industry, our State produces
50%o of the Nation's supply and is shipping more than 53% of its production to other
New industries are coming to Texas at a rapid rate. Our population is
increasing much faster than the national average. With 9 million citizens now, it
is predicted that we will have 12 million by 1975. Nearly 100, 000 additional school
children enter our public schools each year.


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