The Laws of Texas, 1822-1897 Volume 1

This law publication consists of ten large octavo volumes, in
sheep, of 1500 pages each, of which this volume is a specimen. It
will be issued at the rate of one volume every sixty days till completed;
for which the subscribers will pay as they receive them.
Perhaps this is the largest and costliest work on private account
ever printed in Texas. The collection of the documents
cost me much labor and research, in which I was materially aided
by Judge C. W. Raines. In perfecting and bringing this work
before the public I have spared neither trouble nor expense. It is
an exact reprint of the originals or copies, 've'rbatim et literatim; I
therefore disclaim all responsibility for the spelling and capilalization
of words and the punctuation and arrangement of sentences.
Conscious of no motive but of being useful to the community, I now
submit it to a discriminating public. Mv hope of remuneration
for outlay is in the Texas bar, for whose particular benefit the
work was undertaken. But while indispensable to the lawyer, it
will also prove a valuable vzade mecum to the statesman and the

Gammel, Hans Peter Mareus Neilsen. The Laws of Texas, 1822-1897 Volume 1. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed February 7, 2016.