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The Laws of Texas, 1822-1897 Volume 1

of the Mexican Federation.


11. To incur debts on behalf of the republic, and to give securities for
their payment.
12. To acknowledge the public debt of the nation, and to indicate the
means of consolidating the same.
13. To declare war after considering the facts which may be presented
to its consideration by the executive power.
14. To grant letters of marque, and to declare lawful or otherwise the
captures by land and sea.
15. To designate and to organise the sea and land forces, fixing the
quota of each state.
16. To organise, arm and discipline the militia of the states, reserving
to each the appointment of its respective officers, and the faculty of instructing
them in conformity with the discipline prescribed by the general
17. To approve all treaties of peace, alliance, amity, federation, armed
neutrality, and every other which may have been entered into by the
executive power.
18. To regulate and make uniform the weight, value, form, fineness
and denomination of the money in all the states of the Federation, and
to adopt a general system of weights and measures.
19. To grant, or to refuse the entry of foreign troops into the territory
of the Federation.
20. To authorise the formation of ports and harbors.
ART. 14. The constitution shall fix the other general, special and economical
attributes of the congress of the Federation, the mode of exercising
them, a,s well as the prerogatives of this body and its members.
Executize Power.
ART. 15. The supreme executive power will be confided to such individual,
or individuals as the constitution may designate, who must be
residents and native born citizens of some one of the states or territories
of the Federation.
ART. 16. The attributes of the executive power, in addition to others
which may be fixed by the constitution, shall be the following:
1. To carry into execution the laws intended to consolidate the integrity
of the Federation, and to sustain its exterior independence, and
its internal union and liberty.
2. To appoint and to remove at pleasure the Secretaries of State,

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