Texas in 1850. By Melinda Rankin.

TEXAS IN 1850.


and upon the altar of maintaining the truth, he fell a
victim under mysterious circumstances, which, perhaps,
only the final exhibition of human affairs, will fully and
satisfactorily develop.
Amidst the scene of contention and strife the Methodist
denomination conceived the design of a College,
and proceeded, forthwith, in carrying the object into
execution. Agents, for the collection of funds, were
despatched to various places, who succeeded in raising
the necessary amount to erect a college building, to
which was given the distinguished appellation, " Westleyan
College." A board of Professors were obtained,
and the institution went into operation, under very auspicious
circumstances, promising much future good in
the promotion of the educational interests of San Augustine.
After a short and transitory day of prosperity,
however, this luminary, which had just begun to
cast its gladsome beams abroad, sunk beneath a dark
and gloomy horizon, and nothing now remains but a
dilapidated edifice to show that there ever existed an
institution for the cultivation of the arts and sciences.
Amid the darkness of the present, hope would fain indulge
the idea, that over those desolations may yet
arise that literary sun, and commence again its revolutions
to bless the youthful mind and intellect of San
There is no better teacher than experience, and,
oftentimes, mistakes serve to give the best lessons. It
is evidently exerting such an influence in San Augustine.
The people are fully convinced that party spirit

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