Texas in 1850. By Melinda Rankin.


TEXAS IN 1850.

tion. Texas being a border State a double reason iU1a
poses itself. The successful navigation of the rivers
would facilitate greatly the transportation of stores for
the supply of the military stations upon the frontiers of
the State, and hence the object is one sufficiently important
to elicit aid, if only from that consideration. The
unprecedented rapidity with which her interests have
advanced within the space of a very short time, pref
sents great encouragement to extend aid in prosecuting
objects which have for their design the general interesk
and prosperity. Where, but a few years since, the
stillness of the forest was only broken by the war-whoop
of the Indian, is heard the constant hum of civilizationi
having become the abode of an industrious and intel
ligent population. This, most emphatically, is a period
of improvements in Texas. Emigrants are pouring in,
forests are being leveled, prairies are being fenced
farms are being opened and inproved, villages ar
sprningin up, and towns are increasing in population~
throughout the State, to an extent not surpassed bf
any other portion of the Union.
The natural scenery of Texas may compare with tha
of any other country. The face of the country, being
generally level, there is not so much variety, as i_f
countries interspersed with mountain scenery, yet, if ij
does not abound with the sublime, it certainly does witj
the beautiful. The beauty of the vegetable production!
cannot fail of inspiring the most pure and delightfut
Nothing can exceed the splendid appearance whice

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