Texas in 1850. By Melinda Rankin.


TEXAS IN 1850.

try, and an undivided attention to its appropriate duties.
The minister of Jesus Christ holds an office,
which is connected with duties, responsibilities and difficulties,
far surpassing those connected with any other
office ever entrusted to man. Connected with his official
duties are consequences which have a direct bearing
upon the immortal interests of the soul. Officers of other
departments of public duty are duly compensated for
service, and shall not those who are laboring to promote
the well-being of man in this and a future life, be
deemed worthy of receiving a competent support ? Let
*the church cherish the right kind of feeling upon this
subject, and it will discharge its duty to him who stands
upon the walls of Zion! The standard, according to
the Bible, must be attained. It appears that it is not
generally understood that "It is ordained, that they
who preach the gospel, shall live of the gospel," and
that " The laborer is worthy of his hire."
Qualifications for any station must always correspond
with the design and consequences connected with the
duties; hence it becomes the minister of the gospel to
avail himself of every aid, human and divine, which
is in his power. The responsibility does not devolve
entirely upon the minister; he may have a just appreciation
of his important calling, but may not have the
means extended, necessary to the faithful accomplishment
of his duties.
If the erroneous impression be indulged that the man
of God does not need time and study to prepare hinm
for the successful performance of his duties, his labors

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