Texas in 1850. By Melinda Rankin.



Texas occupies a very important position in regard to the
unevangelized portions of our own continent, and on this
account, claims more notice from the north and east in behalf
of moral enterprise, than has been hitherto extended
towards her. A voice has been sounding long and loud in
the ears of eastern churches, in behalf of the west, " the far
west," until their sympathy has become concentrated within
the valleys of the western rivers. Shall it stop there, and not
be extended to other portions of the Union, whose claims are
as great, and whose importance is second to none others ?
Appeals must be made until they strike the sympathetic
chords of New-England philanthropy, and excite to efforts
in behalf of this south-western portion of our glorious Union.
The resources of New-England are not yet exhausted; from
her armory may yet be drawn spiritual weapons sufficient to
supply the moral wants of Texas.
Born and reared amidst the high and exalted privileges of
having breathed the air nnd inhaled somewhat
of her philanthropic spirit, I turn wivi1 ardent desire,
and present an important appeal to my beloved country"
The land of every land the pride,
Beloved by heaven, o'er all the world beside"The
land of gospel privileges and institutions, and which possesses
the means that might be rendered pre-eminently instrumental
in blessing our land and world. I fain would reiterate
the call in behalf of Texas.
If our New-England friends would disseminate throughout
the land the principles of the puritan fathers, they must send

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