Texas in 1850. By Melinda Rankin.


Newspapers of Texas-opinion in the older States. Literary merit of
the periodicals. Their increase. Their influence. Importance of
a correct literature to the moral character of a country. Responsibilities
of Editors. Circulation of religious books. Need of booksellers.
An improvement requisite in school books.
" A newspaper in Texas, does the intelligence of the
state demand a newspaper ?" was a question proposed
last year. This circumstance may appear incredible to
one who is not aware of the ignorance which prevails
abroad, in regard to the true condition of the State.
People in the older States, to some extent, have doomed
Texas, and prescribed limits which she must never
pass, but while those persons ascribe ignorance, let
them ascertain to what extent they are not enthralled
in that which they would impute to others.
Though Texas cannot boast of such prodigies of
literature as some other countries of older standing, yet
she can exhibit specimens which are highly respectable.
We are, doubtless warranted in the assertion, that
no country or nation, in so short a time, has exhibited
more excellent specimens of literary merit. The numerous
periodical papers issued within the last few
years, have exerted an important share of influence in
promoting knowledge, and, very evidently, afford a
convincing prooff of the growing intelligence of the

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