Texas in 1850. By Melinda Rankin.


TEXAS IN 1850.

into the heart of the world, its trunk went up erect,
gnarled and seamed, but nourished by the most luxuriant
soil, like men in the temptations of earth, with
faith in the Saviour, and he in them.' Thus the true
Pilgrim greatness, which can alone make this country
great, is Christian faith, self denial, the church beautified
by suffering and constancy for others, like, and in
union with the Son of God." '
The traces of God's hand distinctly mark the history,
condition and prosperity of our country and nation.
From the character of the population, to whom the
leading influence was given in the founding of our institutions,
and in establishing national usages, we cannot
but infer that God's designs towards this nation were
of an exalted character, and that they will develope
themselves in the future with blessings innumerable in
our land and world. The spirit of maintaining equal
rights, free religion and public schools must be infused
among a people, and the principle carried out in practice
secures every blessing upon which the exaltation of
any country can depend. The puritan fathers were
distinguished for a love of learning, their regard for the
Sacred Scriptures and their indomitable zeal in maintaining
religious liberty. No sooner had they cleared
a spot of ground, than the school house and sanctuary
arose, and most of their care, during the greatest extremities,
had respect to the welfare of posterity. Those
who have the first occupancy of the soil must inevitably
maintain an ascendant influence of great power.
The tenacity with which first organizations and princi

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