Texas in 1850. By Melinda Rankin.



Progress of the Institutions of Texas. Moral and Religious Insti'
tutions must keep pace with other Departments of Improvement.
Moral Training of Youth. Education must be Evangelized.
Adaptation of the Sabbath School. Its Prosperity and Importance.
Necessity of Replenishing the Departments of Christian Enterprise.
A Demand for Missionaries. Prospective Influence of Texas over
Mexico. Necessity of raising Texas to a high point of Moral
Power. The Consequent Effects upon Mexico. . . p. 49
Newspapers of Texas-opinion in the older States. Literary merit of
the periodicals. Their increase. Their influence. Importance of
a correct literature to the moral character of a country. Responsibilities
of Editors. Circulation of religious books. Need of booksellers.
An improvement requisite in school books. . p. 68
Comparison of the moral interests of Texas with the erection of a
building. Necessity of the correspondence of the parts. The
minutest causes to be regarded. Population to be made up in part.
Dangers of a heterogeneous class of citizens. Difficulties attending
the formation of society. Proper means for obviating those
difficulties. Necessity of high moral principles. Importance of a
concentration of purpose. A model for imitation. Extract, exhibiting
the example of the first settlers of New England. Similat
decision and fixed purpose requisite. Indications of Providence in
behalf of Texas, encouraging to future efforts. United labors of
Christians demanded. .p. 64
The Missionary of Texas. Encouragement under Privations. Prospects
and Promises which he has to sustain him. Encouragement
which the Gospel offers for an Increase of Missionaries. Appeals
in behalf of Texas. Claims upon the North and East. Duty of
Extending Aid in behalf of Moral Enterprise. . . p. 76
Limits of Texas. Existing Difficulties relative to the True Boundary.
Divisions of Texas. Face of the Country. Climate. Healtn.
Mineral Resources. Natural Advantages and Adaptation to the
Wants of man. Eastern Texas. Counties and Shire Towns. Face
of the Country. Timber. Streams of Water. Facilities fot

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