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Not Now

Texas in 1850. By Melinda Rankin.

TEXAS IN 1850.


pies maintain themselves, affords the greatest inducement
to establish at the commencement, those of the
right character. The qualities and principles of the
first settlers will mould and shape the political, social
and religious institutions. If the right principles are
started upon by the first inhabitants, then others, of
different kinds of population, as they come in will be
stirred into the forming mass and become assimilated to
the powerful and well organized elements into which
they mix.
God's hand was most specifically manifested in the
preservation of his church in its purity, in the first
planting of the American colonies, and cannot his hand
be recognized in sustaining religious institutions in
Texas under all the various circumstances in which she
has been placed ? Never has God dealS more favorably
towards a people, and with reference to the indications
of his Providence, the friends and advocates of
religion should move forward in the work of advancing
its interests throughout the country. His hand was
never more signally manifested than at the present time;
in the movements for the spread of the Gospel among
the people; the opening of new fields of effort and
raising up men to cultivate them and bestowing a saving
blessing on the seed sown in tears. Every revolution
of the wheel of Providence manifests the kindest
designs, and bids the people of God move on, and no
one can recede without treason to interests more precious
than life. No one can withhold his influence,
while every motive of love to Christ and benevolence

Rankin, Melinda. Texas in 1850. By Melinda Rankin.. Boston. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 4, 2016.

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