Texas in 1850. By Melinda Rankin.

Manufacturing Establishments. Emigration and Improvements.
Fruits, and Vegetable Productions. Staple Commodities. Stock
Raising. Internal Improvements. Natural Advantages. Destitution
in the Moral Department of Improvement. The Educational
and Religious Advantages not adequate to the Demands of
the Population. The Increase of Ministers and Teachers not
commensurate with the Extensive Emigration. Difficulties at.
tending Ministerial Labors. Sectional Feeling. False Systems of
Christianity. Necessity of Ministers professing True Bible Wisdom.
Fluctuations in Public Sentiment and Moral Enterprises.
The Most Important Element of Success. The Missionaries' Advent
into Texas. Common Entrance. Sabine River. Description
of Sabine Town. Appearance of Texan Towns to the Stranger.
Interesting on account of their Improving Condition. Description
of San Augustine, Nacogdoches, Douglass, Crockett. Northern
Portion of Eastern Texas. Entrance. Admitting Emigration
rapidly. Description of Clarksville, Marshall, Henderson, Rusk,
Larissa, Palestine. Importance of a Female Institution of High
Order in Texas. Trinity Valley. Productive Lands. Navigation
of the Trinity. Mineral Resources of the Trinity Valley.
Middle Texas, Counties, Shire Towns. Natural Advantages. Fertility
of the Soil of the Brasos Valley. Navigation of the River.
Improvements which might be made to facilitate the Commercial
Interests of Middle Texas. Adaptation of the Soil to the Cultivation
of Sugar Cane. Facilities for Manufacturing Establishments.
Increase of Population, and Growing Importance. Deficiency in
the Means of Education. An Enlarged System of Education demanded.
An Increase of High Moral Principle, commensurate
with the Increase of Population. The Standard of Piety of Church
Members should become more Elevated. The Harmony and cooperation
of the Different Branches of Christ's Church required.
Houses for the Worship of God. Observance of the Sabbath.
Improvements made in Society during the last three years.
Prospects of Continued Improvements. Description of Cincinnati.
Huntsville. Montgomery. Danville. Anderson. Washington.
Independence. Rutersville. La Grange. Bastrop. Austin.
Galveston. Houston. Brazoria. San 1elipe. Matagorda.
Old Caney. Changes which have hitherto taken place in Relation
to Towns. More permanency at the present. Sparsely settled
portions of Country. Important Missionary Fields. Need of
Ministers to collect scattered Church Members and organize
Churches. Destitutions in the Old Presbyterian Church. Accession
of Ministers during the last year. Appeal to Churches in
favored portions of Countries to aid the feeble Churches of Texas.
Duty of portions of Churches to Colonize. Necessity of a better
Church and more Active and energetic Piety among the Members.
Western Texas. Counties, Shire Towns. Extensive Territory
yet to be occupied. Variety of Population. Relation of the Indians.
Hostile incursions of Indians during the last year. Immediate
Measures required for Suppressing Depredations. Impotance
of Western Texas. Navigation of the Rio Grande. Other
Rivers susceptible of being rendered Navigable. Fertility of the
Prairie Regions. Manufacturing Facilities. Mineral Resources.
Natural Curiosities. Cross Timbers. Origin of the Old Missions.

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