Texas in 1850. By Melinda Rankin.

TEXAS IN 1850.


of lawless murder has been permitted to deepen its im
press upon that pleasant and interesting town.
Here fell the worthy and ill-fated Russell, a victim to
persecution and violence; whose wrongs are deeply engraven
upon the sympathies of tbe most enlightened
part of that community. Though no arm of law can
reach the accessories of this horrid deed, Divine Justice
will search out the darkest corners, and bring to
light those deep concerted plans, which robbed Texas
of one of her brightest ornaments-
one of her most
promising and efficient agents of usefulness, and, sooner
or later, meet such an outrage on humanity with its
just desert and retribution.
The shedding of human blood, produces, in any case,
a stain which is difficult to efface, but there are circumstances
which deepen greatly, the color of that heavencondemned
act, and which impress must remain indelibly
However dark such spots appear upon the moral face
of San Augustine, the town has many valuable and
worthy citizens, who look with abhorrence upon deeds
of base immorality. At present its population numbers
about five hundred inhabitants, comprising all the
varieties of business and occupations, usually found in
towns of that size. Its situation is pleasant, and a
good degree of taste is manifested in its arrangement.
The residences are ornamented with shade trees, shrubbery
and flowers, which give the place a very agreeable
and imposing appearance. More attention has been
paid to this department of improvement than is usually

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