Indian wars and pioneers of Texas / by John Henry Brown.



noble actions. The names of some of the men who have done most to make
history have found no place upon its pages.
As Thomas-a-Kempis hath truly said: " To-day the man is here; to-inorrow he
hath disappeared. And when he is out of sight, quickly also is he out of mind.
' Tell me now, where are all those doctors and masters, with whom thou wast
well acquainted, while they lived and flourished in learning? Now others possess
their livings and perhaps do scarce ever think of them. In their lifetime they
seemed something, but now they are not spoken of."
The men whose deeds are recorded in this book were or are deeply identified
with Texas, and the preservation in this volume in enduring form of some
remembrance of them
their names, who and what they were
has been a
pleasant task to one who feels a deep interest and pride in Texas-its past
history, its heroes and future destiny. The book is presented to the reader
with the hope that he will find both pleasure and profit in its perusal.

Brown, John Henry. Indian wars and pioneers of Texas / by John Henry Brown.. Austin, Tex.. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed February 10, 2016.