The Laws of Texas, 1822-1897 Volume 2

and Great Britain.


or Subjects of the two countries, respectively, shall not pay, in the
Ports, Harbors, Roads, Cities, Towns, or Places whatsoever, in
either State, any other or higher duties, taxes, or imposts, under
whatsoever names designated or included, than those which
are there paid by the Citizens or Subjects of the most favored Nation;
and the Citizens and Subjects, respectively, of the Two High
Contracting Parties, shall enjoy the same rights, privileges, liberties,
favors, immunities, and exemptions, in matter,af Commerce
and Navigation, that are granted, or may hereafr':'be granted, in
either Country, to the Citizens or Subjects of the most favored Nation.
No duty of Customs, or other imposts, shall be charged upon
any goods the produce of one Country, upon importation by sea
or by land, from such country into the other, higher than the duty
or impost charged upon goods of the same kind, the produce of,
or imported from, any other Country; and the Republic of Texas,
and Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Ireland, do hereby .bind and engage themselves not to grant
any favor, privilege or immunity, in matters of Commerce and
Navigation, to the Citizens or Subjects of any other State, which
shall not be also, and at the same time, extended to the Citizens or
Subjects of the other High Contracting Party, gratuitously, if the
concession in favor of that other State shall have been gratuitous;
or on giving as nearly as possible the same compensation or equivalent,
in case the concession shall have been conditional.
No duties of Tonnage, Harbor, Lighthouses, Pilotage, Quarantine,
or other similar or corresponding duties, of whatever nature,
or under whatever denomination, shall be imposed in either Country,
upon the Vessels, or upon any articles the growth, produce,
or manufacture of the other, in respect of voyages between the
two Countries, if laden, or in respect of any voyage, if in ballast,
which shall not be equally imposed, in the like cases, on National
Vessels; and in neither country shall any duty, charge, restriction,
or prohibition, be imposed upon, nor any draw-back, bounty, or
allowance be withheld from, any goods imported from, or exported
to, any Country, in the Vessels of the one Country, which shall
not be equally imposed upon, or withheld from, such goods, when
so imported or exported in the Vessels of the other Country.

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