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Not Now

The Laws of Texas, 1822-1897 Volume 5


Laws of the State of Texas.

telr can be made upon the condition, and with the express understanding, that said
regiment.shall be retained and remain upon the Indian frontier of the State oI
Texas, for its protection; in which event said regiment shall be subject solely to the
military authorities of the Confederate States, and no further charge for the pay or
support thereof shall thereafter accrue against the State of Texas, but in the event
no transfer of said regiment is made under the provisions of this act, said regiment
shall remain upon said frontier for the full term of twelve months fronm the saic
February 11th, 1863, or until otherwise provided by law.
Sec. 3. That so much of the "Act to provide for the protection of the frontier
of the State of Texas,' approved December 21, 1S61. or of any other act, as confiicts
with the provisions of this act, are hereby repealed, andL that this act take
effect from and after its passage.
.Approved March 6th, 1863.
An Aet to regulate the distribution of cloth manufactured at the State Penitentiary
among the families of Soldiers in the Confederate Army.
Section 1. Be it enacfed bg the Legislature of the State of Texas, That no cloth
shall be hereafter furnished by the Financial Agent of the State Penitentiary, on
application by, or on behalf of the families of soldiers, unless the Chief Justice of
the county in which the applicant shall reside shall certify, in his official capacity,
to the truth of the facts stated in said application.
Sec. 2. That this .act shall take effect from its passage.
Approved March 6th, 1863.
An Act to provide against the hostile invasion of the State of Texas by persons of
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Texas, That
any person of color invading or coming into the State of Texas during the present
ivar betwveen the Confederate States and the United States, with any armed force
of the enemy, or for the purpose of waging war against the people of said State of
Texas, or the people of any of the Confederate States, or of exciting insurrection
amongst our slaves, or who being within the jurisdiction of said State, shall voluntarily
join or be fbund in the ranks of our enemies, rendering them any character
of service, or in any manner whatever giving them ,aid and comfort, shall be dealt
with as is hereinafter provided.
Sec. 2. Upon the apprehension or capture of any such person by the authorities of
the State, or upon any such person being turned over after capture, by the military
authorities of the Confederate States to the civil authorities of the State, it shall be
the duty of the State authority, having said person in custody, to forthwith notify
the Judge of the District Court of his Judicial District of the fact. who shall thereupon
designate a day, not less than ten nor more than twenty days after receiving
such notification, wl;en he vill examine into the truth of the accusation made; said
examination to be had after due notice thereof to the prisoner, in the county
wvhere said prisoner is detained in custody, and if upon said examination it shall
appear that the prisoner comes under the provisions of the 1st section of this
act. he shall be deemed to have forfeited his freedom, if he be free, and shall be
ordered to be confined in the State Penitentiary at labor until the expiration


Gammel, Hans Peter Mareus Neilsen. The Laws of Texas, 1822-1897 Volume 5. Austin, Texas. The Portal to Texas History. Accessed May 5, 2016.

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