Bosque County: Land and People (A History of Bosque County, Texas)

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... .-1 Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Campbell circa 1963 Marian Morgan Campbell was reared in Morgan by her... portion of the land, and the remainder became known as the Campbell Ranch, as it is today. The Campbells... and friends entertained with yarns he would spin. Randy, the first Campbell son, graduated from Morgan High... at Weyerhaeuser in Waco, and Vicky is a nurse. The younger Campbell son, John, finished school in Meridian. He... where Jeff is a photographer. Many changes have taken place at the Campbell Ranch over the years. Elmer

Page: 194

... Callaham live in Fort Worth. by Frances Voiles Hill CALLAN, M.A. SEE STORY F767 CAMPBELL, ELMER F. F171... Elmer F. Campbell was born to John Wesley and Cora Belle Moore Campbell in 1901 in Rockwall County

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...., and she is a licensed beautician. She married Larry Campbell of Morgan. Their two boys are Darel Joseph... and Daniel Allen Campbell. by Frances (Muzik) Allen U ALLEN, WILL AND SALLIE F19 Jack Allen Family: Front...: Betty Campbell, Frances Allen, Jack Allen, Judy Dolezel. Back: Joe, John, Bill, Jack, Edwin. R. Jack

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... married Randolph (Randy) Campbell of Morgan. They lived on his Grandfather Morgan's ranch where Randy... was employed. A portion of this ranch later became the Campbell Ranch, being owned by Randy's parents. Randy... to live on the Campbell Ranch and teach school. This year she completed her 41st year in the teaching... of Morgan and the Delta Kappa Gamma Society. by Marie Stephenson Campbell STEVENS, JOE FAMILY F1180 Joe

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... Campbell in Hobart, Oklahoma. She was the daughter of W.R. Campbell and Isabelle 251 " ' t

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..., deceased January 5, 1905; Arnell Campbell, born February 7, 1906, deceased March 26, 1975; Pearl Olena

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..., and Newt born 1862. Elizabeth married Bethel Meadows children were Sarah who was marr Duncan Campbell.... Born to them were Roy, Maud, Alta and Eula. Ann TON died and later Newt married Ethel Campbell

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... in Augusta Cemetery. Their children were William, Neil Campbell, Molly, Margaret and Sarah. Neil Campbell

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... administrator who married Helen Rohne; Sylvester, an auditor who married Leila Campbell; Tilden, a Methodist

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.... Terry Murphy, Dr. Mark Campbell, Dr. Bruce Scaff, Dr. R.E. Henderson (Director of Laboratory), and Dr. E

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... married William Jay Campbell, a druggist in Little River, Texas. Born to them were: Sue Ann (1946), She

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... Marsha Campbell of Ft. Worth. They have one daughter, Courtney Leigh Hill, born 1982. Marsha Lynn Hill

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.... Vicky married Thomas Ross Campbell of Morgan in 1982. Son William Leroy was born in 1962. William

Page: 418

... in 1858. Eliza, the daughter of Thomas Jefferson and Eleanor (Campbell) Keese, was born 1837, the fourth

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... Campbell married Charlotte Hegg of Decorah, Iowa. To them three daughters were born: Phyllis

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... grandparents place several years, and later moved to Steiner where he worked for Archie Campbell as foreman

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..., David W. Campbell, and George B. Erath. Hardin Nevill, William Neale, Lee R. Davis, and James McLaughlin

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... on until 1906. Meridian College Rev. George F. Campbell was pastor of the Methodist Church in 1907. He had

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... Edge Durham, Mary Allene Watson, William Benjamin, Johnson Butler, and Minnie Lee Campbell, saw

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... are: Paul, Jamie, Emily (Mrs. Roland Nuenster), Mary Scott (Mrs. A. Campbell Clark), Bruce, Frances