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 Collection: African American Funeral Programs of San Antonio
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[Funeral Program for Earl Young Ricardson, July 20, 1941]
Funeral program for Earl Young Ricardson. The funeral was held Sunday, July 20, 1941 at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. He was buried in San Antonio, Texas.
[Funeral Program for Eddie Williams, February 18, 1941]
Funeral program for Eddie Williams. The funeral was held February 18, 1941 at Second Baptist Church. Funeral arrangements were made through Frank E. Lewis, and he was buried in the National Cemetery in San Antonio, Texas.
[Funeral Program for Mrs. Mamie Lee Davis, January 31, 1941]
Funeral program for Mrs. Mamie Lee Davis, died in January 1941. The funeral was held January 31, 1941 at St. Paul Methodist Church, officiated by Rev. Robert Mosby.
[Funeral Program for Charlotte J. Sneed, September 12, 1940]
Funeral program for Mrs. Charlotte J. Sneed. The funeral was held September 12, 1940 at St. Paul Methodist Church.
[Funeral Program for Quincy Brady Mitchell, May 20, 1939]
Funeral program for Mr. Quincy Brady Mitchell, died May 16, 1939. The funeral was held May 20, 1939 at St. Paul M. E. Church.
[Funeral Program for E. Spriggs Ratliff, February 20, 1935]
Funeral program for Mrs. E. Spriggs Ratliff. The funeral was held Wednesday, February 20, 1935 at St. Paul M. E. Church, officiated by G. A. Deslandes. She was buried in San Antonio, Texas.
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