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 Collection: Arlington Police Department Collection
[Image of three baseball caps made for the Arlington Police Department]
Photograph of three baseball caps made for the Arlington Police Department displayed on a blue satin cloth. The dark blue cap on the left was the first baseball cap created in 1983. The blue and gold trimmed patch on the cap matched the uniform shoulder patch. The middle or second baseball cap is the Memorial Cap worn at various memorial ceremonies held in Tarrant County during Memorial Week. Police Memorial Day is May 15th of each year. It is dark blue with gold emblem and decorations. The third dark blue cap on the right was created in 1986 to match the uniform shoulder patch that was created to replace the earlier patch.
[Image of three pistols used for APD firearms training, 1950s-1970s]
Photograph of three 33 caliber pistols mounted on 38 caliber frames. These pistols were used by Arlington Police officers for firearms training in the 1950s to the early 1970s. A brief description placed below the pistols states: "22 Caliber Pistols Mounted on 38 Caliber Frame. These three pistols were used for firearms qualification on the range. Located in the basement of the Main Station at 717 W. Main. Range was closed due to excessive lead levels."