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 Resource Type: Physical Object
 Decade: 1920-1929
 Collection: Fort Bend Museum Collection
[Crescent wrench with an adjustable C-shaped head]
Crescent wrench that has an adjustable C-shaped head with a hole at the end of the handle.
A drill press bought from Sears in 1921.
Mounted on 1 1/2" x 6" board 38" long. Bought from Sears 1921.
[Elevator for caponizing poultry]
Elevator for caponizing poultry,
[Eleven-stick cast iron breadstick pan. Rectangular flat pan.]
Eleven-stick cast iron bread stick pan. Rectangular flat pan. Reservoirs are half-cylinder in shape. Small molded (7.3 cm x 1.4 cm) handles on both ends of the pan have centered oval hole (1.2 cm x .6 cm). Base of pan has, "E BREAD STICK PAN/ WAGNER WARE/ SIDNEY/ OHIO./ 1326"
Instruction booklet
Instruction booklet
["Measuregraph" dry goods measurer]
"Measuregraph" dry goods measurer. Grey metal body with traces of black paint still evident. Round white dial on top indicated yardage passed through rollers. Rectangular window of unknown function. Measurer mounted to counter with a slide-on bracket running perpendicular to body of machine. Spring-action blade nicks edge of fabric so it can be torn at correct yardage.
["No-Slip Caponizing Set"]
Box top - labeled "No Slip' Caponizing Set" Montgomery Ward & Co.
["No-Slip Caponizing Set"]
Bottom of box
[Steel stove flue damper]
Steel stove flue damper. Grey body with centered 4 cm hole. Handle and neck are spring coiled. Pivot arm is painted red.
Tissue forceps for poultry caponizing
Tissue forceps for poultry caponizing
Weight hooks with strings tied to the ends.
Weight hooks with strings tied to the ends.
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