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 Collection: Fort Bend Museum Collection
[Letter from Kinch Hillyer to Rosalia Scheidegger - 1920-05-22]
Letter from Kinch Hillyer to Rosalia Scheidegger, dated May 22, 1920. The letter discusses paid taxes, and the possible selling of land at a later date.
[Letter from Hillyer Oil Company - 1917-08-03]
Letter from Hillyer Oil Company dated August 3, 1917. It discusses the location and drilling of successful oil wells, and mentions plots of land for sale.
[Kinch Hillyer Map and Advertisement]
Map and advertisement for Kinch Hillyer oil land. The map features the location of the plots of land. The advertisement discusses the location, price, and demand of the land. Fred Hermann is mentioned as a local representative in St. Louis, Missouri.
[Letter from Kinch Hillyer to Rosalia Scheidegger - 1920-04-13]
Letter from Kinch Hillyer to Rosalia Scheidegger dated April 13, 1920. The letter discusses paid taxes.
[Minutes for Hillyer Oil Compeny Meeting - 1918-02-14]
Minutes taken from a Hillyer Oil Company meeting on February 14, 1918. The naming of Chas E. Anderson, Senior, and J. T. Willits [Willets], as temporary chairmen is mentioned. Development of plots of land and the attendees of the meeting is also mentioned.
Horse in Snow
Photograph of a horse foraging in snow-covered ground; there are snowy trees in the background.
Rider and Jumping Horse
Photograph of a blond rider on a dark jumping horse. The rider is wearing a jacket with the number 11 on the sleeve. In the background are several families seated in front of old cars.
Claude the Stallion
Photograph of Claude, a dark stallion wearing a harness.
Jack Shaw on Rusty the Horse
Photograph of Jack Shaw atop Rusty the horse. Mr. Shaw is wearing a cowboy hat, button-up shirt and boots. There is a lasso hanging from the horse's saddle. In the background is a barbed wire fence and houses.
Cowboy Shoeing a Horse
Photograph of a cowboy shoeing a horse's back right leg. The cowboy is balancing the horse's foot on his leg and is wearing a cowboy hat, boots and chaps.
Herding Horses in a Trailer
Photograph several horses wearing horse blankets being loaded into the back of a horse trailer by three cowboys in cowboy hats. Wooden fences are in the foreground/
Horses in Horse Trailer
Photograph of twelve horses wearing horse blankets loaded in the back of a large trailer. Each horse is in an individual crate.
Cowboys and Horses
Photograph of several cowboys on horseback and standing in groups around saddled horses. In the background are telephone wires, arenas and bleachers.
Four Horses
Photograph of four horses, all different colors, gathered next to each other behind a barbed wire fence. In the background is a large cloudy sky.
Cowboy and Cattle
Photograph of a cowboy on horseback watching a field of cattle. The cowboy is wearing a denim jacket, boots and a cowboy hat. In the background is a calf nursing from a female cow.
Corral Full of Horses
Photograph of a corral full of horses and six cowboys. In the foreground isd a cowboy leading a horse by a lasso and a saddled horse.
Cowboys Crossing River
Photograph of two cowboys crossing a river on horseback. The horses are up to their chests in water. The cowboys are wearing cowboy hats, chaps and boots. In the background is a brush covered river bank.
Cowboys and a Corral of Horses
Photograph of a corral full of many different colored horses. In the foreground is a cowboy on a horse and on the right side of the frame is a group of several cowboys. In the background is an empty corral next to a corral full of cows.
[Boning or butchering knife]
Boning or butchering knife with long curved blade and wooden handle. Blade extends into handle, where it is sandwiched between two wooden grips anchored by six nails on each side.
[Wiley Martin Monument in Richmond]
Print of the Wiley Martin Monument, Richmond. Star and Loral leaf emblem at top. Photo taken 3-21-62 by H. E. Treichler. Removed from photo album.
[Residence of John M. Moore, Jr. in Richmond]
Print of the Residence of John M. Moore, Jr., Richmond. White two story house with columns. Home is partially obscured by trees.
[Dyer Cemetery in Richmond]
Print of the Dyer Cemetery, Richmond. Wiley Martin Monument if foreground. House in background. Other monuments in background. Taken 3-21-1962. Removed from album, glue and paper residue on back.
[Barnett-Dyer Cemetery]
Print of the Barnett-Dyer Cemetery (near Orchard). Markers enclosed in low brick fence.
[Unmarked grave of Benjamin Franklin Terry]
Print of an unmarked grave of Benjamin Franklin Terry of Terry's Texas Rangers - Glenwood Cemetery Houston, Texas on Washington Ave. (Behind T.P. Lee Monument) Marked at a later date.
[Myer Store in Richmond]
Print of the Myer Store-later the Covell Store, end of Morton Street, Richmond. White two story building.
[Grave of Thomas Jeff Smith]
Print of the grave of Thos. Jeff. Smith in the Morton Cem., Rich. Smith was Mason Briscoe's Grandfather who was with Fanin at Goliada. Photo shows monument with urn on top at left, brick crypt at center, plain rectangular at right.
[Clem Bassett Home]
Print of the Clem Bassett Home (now Court House Annex). White two and a half story house.
[North East corner of Morton and 3rd Street]
Print of building on the North East corner of Morton and 3rd Street, Richmond.
[D. R. Pearson home at 314 South Ninth Street]
Print of D.R. Peareson Home, 314 South Ninth Street, Richmond. White two story house with curved screened porch on left side.
[Adams Home in Missouri City]
Print of the Adams Home, Missouri City. Two story white wooden house, pictured from side, trees obscure the view of front of home.
[McBlain House in Missouri City]
Print of the McBlain House, Missouri City. Two story house with front porch. Garage in the lower left corner of the photograph.
[Fort Bend Marker located at West Hwy 90A bridge]
Print of the site of Fort Bend Marker located at West Hwy 90A bridge, Richmond. Photo has been damaged by bending and has small hair line creases.
[Eldridge Home in Sugar Land]
Photo of the Eldridge Home, Sugar Land. Two and a half story house with closed in second story porch. Three cars are parallel parked in front of adjacent building and a truck is parked in front of the Eldridge Home. Water tower visible in upper right corner.
[Grave Markers of Judge CC and Sarah Stafford Dyer]
Photo of the grave markers of Judge CC Dyer, 1799-1864; In War 1812; Wife: Sarah Stafford, Died 1874(65 yrs.), Richmond. Dyer Cemetery, white house in background.
[Whitten Home]
Photo of the Whitten Home (Formerly Phillips). 300 block of Jackson Street, Richmond. One and a half story home. White paint is peeling. House has been moved to museum property at 500 Houston Street as the Long-Smith Cottage.
[J.H.P. Davis House]
Photo of the J.H.P. Davis House, 1009 Main, Richmond. Pictured 3-16-1962, when is served at nurses home for Polly Ryon Hospital. House is painted all white, remains of green house at lower right.
[Woman in front of Nibbs-Fields Home in Sugar Land]
Photo of the Nibbs-Fields Home, Oyster Creek, Sugar Land-Brick made by slaves. Windows are boarded up. Woman is walking away from the camera in the bottom right hand corner of the picture.
[Jane Long Hotel]
Photo of the site of Jane Long Hotel, Richmond, on east side of 4th St. between Morton and Railroad Streets. Site is empty lot with cement retaining wall and three steps.
[South Side of Nibbs-Fields Home in Sugar Land]
Photo of the Nibbs-Fields Home (So. Side), Walnut Grove, Sugar Land. Windows are boarded up. Tilled field in foreground. House constructed of slave made bricks.
[Base of the Jaybird Monument at the City Hall in Richmond]
Photo of the base of Jaybird Monument, City Hall, Richmond.
[Carroll House in Missouri City]
Photo of the Carroll House, Missouri City. White, wooden, two-story home with three round columns along front porch.
[Judge Isaac McFarlane Home]
Photo of the Judge Isaac McFarlane Home, 410 Jackson St., Richmond. Pictured as antique store with three large oaks in front yard, closed in porch, car in front yard.
[McNabb Home]
Photo of the McNabb Home, Richmond (daughter of Carrie Nation). One-story, white, wooden house. Porch extends all of the way across the front.
[Jane Long Monument]
Photo of the Jane Long Monument, Morton Cemetery, Richmond. Shown at right side of picture.
[Terry Home in Missouri City]
Photo of the Terry Home, Missouri City (Formerly Ransom-Dyer Home, Richmond). White, wooden, two-story with three roof peaks along front face. Lower porch extends across front of house. Upper porch at center of house.
[Andrew Briscoe Home]
Photo of the Andrew Briscoe Home, Foster Community (Briscoe Ranch). White two story house.
[Jaybird Monument, water tower in the background]
Photo of the full view of the Jay Bird Monument, Richmond. Richmond City Hall is at left. Water tower in background. Parking meter in foreground.
[White two story home viewed from south]
Photo of the Calder Home River Rd., (Front Street) Richmond. White two story home viewed from south.
[Jane Long School in 1962]
Photo of the Jane Long School (Original location: Liberty & 8th, Richmond; now at 9th & Houston, Richmond). Two-story, white stucco building with arched doorways.
[Side view of Monument with Briscoe Coat of Arms from England]
Photo of the monument with the Briscoe Coat of Arms, from England. Lays flat on ground.
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