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  Partner: Cattle Raisers Museum
 Collection: Fort Bend Museum Collection
Corral Full of Horses
Photograph of a corral full of horses and six cowboys. In the foreground isd a cowboy leading a horse by a lasso and a saddled horse.
Claude the Stallion
Photograph of Claude, a dark stallion wearing a harness.
Cowboy and Cattle
Photograph of a cowboy on horseback watching a field of cattle. The cowboy is wearing a denim jacket, boots and a cowboy hat. In the background is a calf nursing from a female cow.
Cowboy Shoeing a Horse
Photograph of a cowboy shoeing a horse's back right leg. The cowboy is balancing the horse's foot on his leg and is wearing a cowboy hat, boots and chaps.
Cowboys and a Corral of Horses
Photograph of a corral full of many different colored horses. In the foreground is a cowboy on a horse and on the right side of the frame is a group of several cowboys. In the background is an empty corral next to a corral full of cows.
Cowboys and Horses
Photograph of several cowboys on horseback and standing in groups around saddled horses. In the background are telephone wires, arenas and bleachers.
Cowboys Crossing River
Photograph of two cowboys crossing a river on horseback. The horses are up to their chests in water. The cowboys are wearing cowboy hats, chaps and boots. In the background is a brush covered river bank.
Four Horses
Photograph of four horses, all different colors, gathered next to each other behind a barbed wire fence. In the background is a large cloudy sky.
Herding Horses in a Trailer
Photograph several horses wearing horse blankets being loaded into the back of a horse trailer by three cowboys in cowboy hats. Wooden fences are in the foreground/
Horse in Snow
Photograph of a horse foraging in snow-covered ground; there are snowy trees in the background.
Horses in Horse Trailer
Photograph of twelve horses wearing horse blankets loaded in the back of a large trailer. Each horse is in an individual crate.
Jack Shaw on Rusty the Horse
Photograph of Jack Shaw atop Rusty the horse. Mr. Shaw is wearing a cowboy hat, button-up shirt and boots. There is a lasso hanging from the horse's saddle. In the background is a barbed wire fence and houses.
Rider and Jumping Horse
Photograph of a blond rider on a dark jumping horse. The rider is wearing a jacket with the number 11 on the sleeve. In the background are several families seated in front of old cars.
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