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 Decade: 1970-1979
 Year: 1976
 Collection: Where the West Begins: Capturing Fort Worth's Historic Treasures
Alan Dunbar in a Pickup
Photograph of Alan Dunbar. He is sitting in a pickup truck wearing a western hat. Cattle stand in the background.
Billy Phil Ganaway
Photograph of Billy Phil Ganaway, talking on the phone at his desk.
Dr. John E. Hutchison
Photograph of Dr. John E. Hutchison in March 1976.
T. Excell Hankins
Photograph of T. Excell Hankins of the Bank of Dixie in Lake Providence, Louisiana. Photo from January 1976.
Joe Finch, Top 4-H Beef Award Winner, 1976
Photograph of Joe Finch, the 1976 top beef award winner. He is wearing a plaid suit and tie.
[Lespedeza plant]
Photograph of a Lespedeza plant.
[Man in a field of Buffel grass]
Photograph of a man in a field of Buffel Grass. Back of photograph: "Permanent germ plasm holding area nursery."
[Man in a field of Buffel grass]
Photograph of a man examining a plant in a field of Buffel grass. The man is wearing a white shirt. Back of photograph: "This plant was found growing to 10 feet in height in South Africa."
[Man in field of Buffel grass]
Photograph of a man walking in a field of buffel grass.
[Photograph of a person holding Buffel grass]
Photograph of a person holding Buffel grass.
Ray Dietrich, 1976
Photograph of Ray Dietrich in July 1976. He is wearing a suit and tie.
Rhonda Howell, 1976
Photograph of Rhonda Howell, Miss Gulf Coast Charolais in December 1976. She wears a crown and holds a trophy.
Roy Herrman
Photograph of Roy Herrman of Caldwell, Texas. He was the 1975-76 President of the Texas Hereford Association. Picture taken in March 1976.
[Tepary bean plant]
Photograph of a Tepary Bean plant.
Wray Finney
Photograph of Wray Finney speaking at the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Annual Convention in April 1976. He wears a suit and tie. He has a name tag on his lapel.
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