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 Decade: 1910-1919
 Year: 1917
 Collection: George Ranch Museum Collection
[Ten men in uniform, mounted on dark horses]

[Ten men in uniform, mounted on dark horses]

Date: October 15, 1917
Creator: unknown
Description: Postcard of ten men in uniform mounted on dark horses. There are fifteen horses in the picture; eight harnessed to two separate buggies. Two men on horses are in the foreground of the other eight, who are lined up in a row. There are two trees in the far left of the postcard. There is a white "East National Bank" building in the background and a smaller building in the far right center of the picture. On the back of the postcard: "10/15/17 (at top) Oct 16 2 PM (post office stamp) 1 cent stamp" Addressed to "Mr and Mrs APGeorge Richmond, Texas" Other writing is on back, but illegible due to the back of the postcard's attachment to the back of another postcard.
Contributing Partner: George Ranch Historical Park
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