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 Decade: 1930-1939
 Year: 1930
 Collection: Tarrant County College Northeast, Heritage Room
Aerial View at Ninth and Throckmorton Streets
Aerial photograph of downtown Fort Worth at Ninth and Throckmorton Streets around 1930. The Carnegie Public Library is in the center of the photo. The first Fort Worth city hall is on the left.
Aerial View of Winburn Field
Overhead view of Winbury Air Base
Proof Sheet of Randolph Field Scenes
Proof sheet - Randolph AFB
U. S. Army Air Corps Squadron Emblems
Bomb squadron emblems for the 1st Observation Squadron; 94th Pursuit Squadron; 16th Observation Squadron; 95th Pursuit Squadron; 22nd Observation Squadron; 9th Bomb Squadron; 26th Attack Squadron; 8th Attack Squadron; 24th Pursuit Squadron; 44th Observation Squadron; 27th Pursuit Squadron; 2nd Observation Squadron; 19th Pursuit Squadron; 3rd Pursuit Squadron; 55th Pursuit Squadron; 99th Observation Squadron; 34th Pursuit Squadron; 73rd Pursuit Squadron; 11th Bomb Squadron; 91st Bomb Squadron; 30th Bomb Squadron; 28th Bomb Squadron; 35th Pursuit Squadron; 72nd Bomb Squadron; 20th Bomb Squadron; 96th Bomb Squadron; 23rd Bomb Squadron; 13th Attack Squadron; 77th Pursuit Squadron; 5th Observation Squadron; 49th Bomb Squadron;17th Pursuit Squadron; 7th Observation Squadron; 6th Observation Squadron; 25th Bomb Squadron; 36th Pursuit Squadron; 90th Attack Squadron; 88th Observation Squadron; 12th Observation Squadron; 50th Observation Squadron.
Yoe High School Football Team
Football team in front of School