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 Decade: 1930-1939
 Year: 1938
 Collection: Tarrant County College Northeast, Heritage Room
Diamond Hill School (1938)
Photograph of the outside of Diamond Hill School. Three buildings are visible in a row; in the foreground, the area appears to have been cleared and there are pipes on the ground.
Diamond Hill School (1938)
Diamond Hill School - North Fort Worth. There is a tree and a flagpole in front of the school.
Stearman PT-13A
Stearman PT-13A biplane flying over Randolph Field
Stearman PT-13A Aircraft over Randolph Field
Stearman Pt-13A airplane flying over Randolph Field at 3000 feet
Stearman PT-13A [Airplane]
Stearman PT-13A [Airplane] flying in the air over Randolph Field