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 Serial/Series Title: Hog Killing Sequence
 Collection: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch
[Ranchers with a Jeep and Animals]
Photograph of ranchers with a jeep, horse, and cow in a pasture. Lanham Martin stands with a horse to the left, with Sallie Ann Judd and other family members to the right. The cow is lying down and chained by the neck to the rear of a jeep.
[Dead and Partially Scraped Hog]
Photograph of a dead hog that has been scraped partially free of hair. The animal's tushed mouth is held open by a stick. Smatterings of hair can be seen on the ground around the hog's face and on the planks behind the creature.
[Men Dragging a Dead Hog]
Photograph of men dragging a dead hog past bare trees in a fenced area.
[Mule Stover Shooting Hogs in a Pen]
Photograph of Mule Stover standing in an animal pen and shooting feral hogs. The hogs are gathered in a group opposite of Stover.
[Cowboys Maneuvering Hog to a Truck]
Photograph of Watt Matthews, Mule Stover, and Richard King maneuvering a gutted hog into a pickup truck. Behind them, a truck with a winch is visible with another cowboy at the wheel.
[Feral Hogs Running in Pen]
Photograph of several feral hogs running along a wooden fence in a pen. Three young hogs to the left follow behind a larger mottled hog and an even large dark hog.
[Hog Hanging from Winch]
Oscar Thomas with a dead hog in from a winch. They are in a fenced area, with barrels and buckets behind and in front of them. A jacket hangs from a wooden post behind Thomas.
[Men Scraping and Gutting Hogs]
Photograph of cowboys scraping and gutting hogs. There is a cauldron sitting on a fire in the foreground. Cowboys are scraping a hog in the left background while Richard King gutting a hog hanging from a truck winch to the right.
[Mule Stover and a Truck Full of Dead Hogs]
Photograph of Mule Stover smoking a cigar and leaning on bed of a pickup truck filled with slaughtered hogs.
[Mule Stover, Watt Matthews, and Richard King with a Hanging Hog]
Photograph of a hog hanging from a winch with Mule Stover leaning against it. Watt Matthews can be partially seen behind Stover. Richard King stands to the right near a barrel.
[Richard King Gutting a Hog]
Photograph of Richard King gutting a hog that is hanging from a winch.
[Richard King Gutting a Hog]
Photograph of Richard King gutting a feral hog that is hanging from a truck winch. Two other men are positioned by a barrel to the right.
[Three Cowboys Pouring Water on a Hog]
Photograph of three cowboys pouring boiling water on hog. One cowboy stands partially visible to the left. To the right of him, another cowboy leans over and pours a bucket of water over the hog. A cauldron is between him and a third man who is kneeling to the right of the hog.
[Two Cowboys Hosing a Gutted Hog]
Photograph of two cowboys hosing off a gutted hog that is hanging from a winch. A bucket full of offal sits between the men and the hog. A the front of a vehicle is visible behind the winch.
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