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 Collection: Matthews Family and Lambshead Ranch
[Rancher Poking a Cow with a Cane]
Photograph of a rancher poking a cow with a cane. The man is wearing a black hat, shirt, and jeans. He is prodding the animal through a slot in a tall wooden fence.
[Rancher Bending Over with a Tool]
No Description
[Rear View of Ranchers Sitting on a Truck]
Photograph of ranch folk sitting atop a truck. The picture was taken from the rear of the vehicle. Young boys are sitting on both of the left fenders, facing each other. To the left, an adult male is also sitting on the front fender with his back to the boy. Two men are sitting in the cab and facing away from the camera. A man's head can be seen through the windshield, and a young man can be seen behind the truck to the right.
[Two Bulls Butting Heads]
Photograph of two bulls butting heads with other cattle nearby to the right.
[Children in a Wagon]
Photograph of a group of fifteen African American people gathered in and around a wagon. Most of the group are children, but a man can be seen on the left side of the wagon.
[Ewe with Lambs on Ranch Lot]
Photograph of a ewe tending to one of two newborn black lambs next to a wooden fence. Two cattle are nearby. Another animal can be seen in the background between ranch buildings.
[Four Men Waiting at a Gate]
Photograph of four men waiting around a wooden fence and gate.
[Parade Float Representing American Indians]
Photograph of a parade float representing American Indians. There are people to the rear of the float that are riding horses and dressed like American Indians. On the float itself, there is a woman at a loom with a child nearby. A tipi to the right is surrounded by seated children and two women standing on either side. All involved are in American Indian styled dress.
[Oliver Jacobs Picking Beans]
Photograph of Oliver Jacobs picking beans in a garden outside of a ranch house.
[Woman Holding an Object]
Photograph of a young woman wearing a hat and jacket while holding an object.
[Cattle and Cowboys in Pen]
No Description
[Parade Float Representing a Barber Shop]
Photograph of a parade float that represents the inside of a barber shop. Carried on a truck bed, the shop features real barber's chairs and a wall painted to resemble the front door and window of a barber shop.
[Four People Sitting on a Log]
Photograph of one man and three women sitting on a log under a tree.
[Parade Float Representing a Home]
Photograph of a parade float decorated like a home and being pulled on a truck bed. Tables, chairs, cabinets, and a window decorate the diorama. A man on the float is leaning over toward someone in dark clothing on the ground. A man with a guitar is walking by and obscuring another man wearing a hat.
[Photograph of a Family on a Horse Drawn Wagon]
Photograph of a family riding in a horse drawn wagon. The family is traveling on a road in front of automobiles.
[Toddler Being Held on a Fence]
Photograph of a toddler being held on a wooden fence. The adult male holding the child is mostly off camera to the right.
[Parade Float Representing a Sitting Room]
Photograph of a trailer-pulled parade float decorated like a sitting room. The walls are painted to resemble wall paper. Two square holes have been cut out of the wall, and behind each hole stands a man (left) and a woman (right) in dark clothing. To the left of the "room" is a covered table with a lamp. In the center of the room, a man and woman sit in chairs next to a child on the floor. A person can be seen to the far right standing behind a chair.
[A Man With a Rifle and a Dog]
Photograph of a man holding a rifle in scrub land with a spotted white dog. The man is facing away from the camera and wearing a watch cap and jacket.
[Men and a Dog on Ranch Land]
Photograph of two men and a dog on ranch lands. A man in black stands to the left, while a man in a lighter jacket squats next to a white dog.
[Cattle Being Loaded along a Chute]
Photograph of cattle walking along a loading chute. The two animals are maneuvering along the fenced wooden structure towards the direction of the camera. A man in a hat watches by the right side of the chute.
[Partially Collapsed Stone Structure]
Photograph of a largely collapsed stone structure overgrown with scrub. Rough hewn stone bricks little the ground, though a section of the structure still stands on the left side of the photo.
[Parade Float Representing a School House]
Photograph of a parade float that has been decorated to represent a school house and pulled on a truck bed. A bell has been built into the center of the structure. Underneath that, a scene has been painted showing a chalkboard, windows, and a map of a portion of the world. To the left, a boy sits on a stool while holding a dunce cap. Moving right, a group of children are on either side of a man who is facing the camera.
[Two of Oliver Jacobs' Grandchildren]
Photograph of two of Oliver Jacobs' grandchildren. Their backs to the camera, the boys walk atop a stone retaining wall. The boy on the left is wearing a dark jacket and jeans, while the boy the right is wearing a western shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots.
[Women on Horses]
Photograph of two women riding horses while wearing nineteenth century clothing. In the background to the left, a group of women who are similarly dressed stand in front of some cars. A white church building rises behind the riders in the middle of the photo. More people can be seen standing in the background to the right.
[Woman on a Latrine]
Photograph of a woman sitting on a latrine. She is sitting next to a roll of toilet paper and has her pants pulled down slightly.
[Oliver Jacobs Leaning on a Table]
Photograph of Oliver "Jake" Jacobs leaning against a wooden table.
[Men on a Barber Shop Parade Float]
Photograph of men riding on a barber shop parade float that is being pulled on a truck bed. The group is acting as though the painted shop were real. A man in a cowboy hat, shirt, and jeans stands to the far left. A man sits seemingly nude in a bath behind a man cutting the hair of a man sitting who is having his shoes shined. Further to the right, another sitting man is being shaved by a barber. To the far right, an older man in a hat sits on a bench.
Restored B.W. Reynolds house
Photograph of restored B. W. Reynolds house, in Reynolds Bend, Texas on Lambshead Ranch. There is a leafless tree and a low stone fence in the foreground.
[Women Applying Makeup To Others]
Photograph of a group of women applying makeup to each other. A bespectacled woman to the left is applying eyeliner to a younger woman in a prairie dress to the right. Behind them, another woman in glasses is applying makeup to a lady in a dark dress. A woman to the far right looks on.
[Man and Woman in a Horse Drawn Carriage]
Photograph of a man and woman riding in a horse drawn carriage. A truck carrying a parade float is visible behind them on a dirt road. In the background, automobiles can be seen parked under trees.
[Bison, Cattle, and People on Ranch Land]
Photograph of bison standing on scrub ranch land. Cattle can be seen on either side of the bison, while a family stands by a car to the left.
[Man Holding Paper with Woman in Costume]
Photograph of a man and a woman holding a piece of paper. The man, left, is wearing glasses, a striped shirt, and shorts. The woman, right, is wearing a prairie dress and bonnet. Several men with horses appear to the left in the background, and more women in prairie dress are to the right.
[Cow Leaping Along a Loading Chute]
Photograph of a cow leaping along a wooden loading chute. A man can be seen to the right of the animal on the other side of the fence, though his face is obscured by a fencepost.
[Woman With Toilet Paper on Her Head]
Photograph of a woman sitting on a wooden bench with a roll of toilet paper on her head.
[Young Woman on a Latrine]
Photograph of a young woman wearing sneakers and bobby socks sitting on a latrine next to a roll of toilet paper.
[People at a Picnic Table]
Photograph of five people at a picnic table under the shade of trees. In the forefront, a woman poses on a bench with a boy wearing only shorts. An older man is sitting to the left under a roll of paper towels that has been attached to a tree. A woman sits to his right. Behind them stands a woman between two wooden posts.
[Woman Sitting on a Cattle Pen Fence]
Photograph of an unidentified woman with camera in her lap and sitting on a cattle pen fence.
[Oliver Jacobs Under a Beehive]
Photograph of Oliver "Jake" Jacobs standing underneath a beehive in a tree. He is wearing a white hat and a long coat, and is looking up to the hive.There is an open crate directly under the hive.
[Remains of a Stone Building]
Photograph of the remains of a stone building in a scrub land. The ruins consist of loose bricks, decaying walls, and a partially intact fireplace and chimney.
[Young People in Bathing Suits]
Photograph of a boy and two girls wearing bathing suits and posing atop a large rock.
[Ranchers Around a Woodpile]
Photograph of ranchers gathered around a woodpile in the ranch yard. A man is standing to the right of a drum being used to contain a fire. Behind them, a woman and a man are leaning against a woodpile that rises up to head-height. In the background, fences can be seen containing cattle.
[Stone Wall on Ranch]
Photograph of a rough hewn stone wall on a ranch.
[Cows Being Led into Dipping Vat]
Photograph of cows being herded through a chute toward water in a dipping vat.
[Man and Woman in a Car]
Photograph of a man and a woman driving an early twentieth century Cadillac automobile down a dirt road. The pair is wearing similarly dated clothing. Behind them rides a man on a horse who is flanked by contemporary vehicles. A white building appears to the right of the photo.
[Cowboy with Horse]
Photograph of a cowboy standing next to a horse and holding its reins.
[Parade Float with People Dressed as American Indians]
Photograph of a parade float displaying people dressed as American Indians. Covered with straw, the truck-pulled float has several children positioned around a loom and a tipi.
[Medicine Show Wagon on Road]
Photograph of horse drawn wagon portraying a medicine show. A three man band plays on the left side of the wagon, with a man in black standing to the right. An older man in a straw hat is holding the reins of the wagon's horse. Two harnessed horses are drawing a wagon to the left. Contemporary vehicles and a house sit in the background.
[Oliver Jacobs Cooking at a Stove]
Photograph of Oliver "Jake" Jacobs cooking at a wood stove. He is leaning over and has a hand upon a covered pan inside of the oven.
[Farrier Shoeing a Horse]
Photograph of a farrier in a leather apron. He is bending over and holding a horse's hoof as the animal looms behind him.
[Medicine Show Wagon]
Photograph of a wagon containing the portrayal of a nineteenth century medicine show. Three men to the left carry instruments while a fourth hawks a jug towards the camera. A fifth man wearing a straw hat sits at the front of the wagon.