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 County: Travis County, TX
 Collection: Neal Douglass Photography Collection
Anderson High School [basketball team]
Photograph of the 1956 Anderson High School basketball team. The boys are lined up in one line according to height, facing left. They wear shiny warm-up track suits, which have numbers embroidered on the shoulders. Every other boy holds a basketball under his arm against his left hip. The photo was taken on the basketball court, under one of the baskets.
Simmons Motor Company [garage]
Photograph of the mechanics work area of the Simmons Motor Company garage. A myriad of mechanics tools and machines line the walls of the garage, but the floor is shiny and free of clutter. Signs hang above the work space reading "Austin's Largest Independent New Car Dealer / authorized to sell all makes" and "Interference makes a mechanic's work less efficient."
Southern Union Gas Company [servicemen]
Photograph of the 1952 Southern Union Gas Company servicemen. The team of 30 servicemen are arranged in two lines. They are flanked by a row of cars each on the left and right, parked all the way back to their garage.
Carnation Milk [residential delivery]
Photograph of a Carnation Milk delivery van and three milkmen on a residential street. Two milkmen hold a basket of milk bottles while a third stands behind them in the open door of the van. In the background, a woman at house numbered 1401 stands at her screen door.
[Abel Stationers at retail fair]
Photograph of Abel Stationers booth at a retail fair. An employee talks to a customer reclining in a chair. Another employee talks to a man at a typewriter at a desk in the background. The showroom is set up to look like a modern office, with wares on display as they would appear in an office setting. Other booths and customers are visible in the background.
[Congress avenue 500 block street scenes]
Photograph of the 500 block of Congress Avenue. Western Auto Supply Stores and J.C. Penny department store can be seen behind the very busy street. The pedestrians are in coats and hats, and holiday lights are strung across the avenue.
All Saints Church [exterior]
Photograph of the exterior of All Saints Episcopal Church at 209 West 27th Street. Cars are visible parked on the street.
Capital National Bank [exterior]
Photograph of the original Capital National Bank building exterior. Signs on the building for Norwood Motoramp, McCall-Smith-Hiblew, and a storage facility are visible. Several pedestrians are visible in the street.
Anderson High School [building exterior and students]
Photograph of a group of students outside the entrance to Anderson High School. In the mixture of boys and girls, most students are exiting the building after school, while a few stand and talk to each other. One girl sits on the wall and reads from a notebook. The girls all wear long skirts, blouses, white socks and black shoes. The boys wears slacks and shirts, and one wears a jacket.
[Two Men at early computers]
Photograph of two men reading the printouts of an early dot-matrix printer. Reams of paper sit on a shelf underneath the printer and feeds into the machine from below. The printout feeds directly into a box that sits on the floor behind the printer. One man sits in front of the machine and the other looks over the printout from behind. In the rear of the image are reel-to-reel cabinets. On the desk at the front is an early IBM switchboard. Florescent lights are overhead, and exposed vents cool the room.
Our Lady of Guadalupe [graduating class of 1953]
Photograph of the graduating class of 1953 of Our Lady of Guadalupe School in Austin, Texas. The class is composed of twelve young women and five young men, all proudly holding their diplomas. They are posed in two rows, women seated in the front row and men and women standing in the second row. All wear dark gown and mortar board caps with white tassels.
[Rural barrack buildings]
Photograph of the exterior of rural, barrack-style buildings, possibly owned by the State Hospital Board. One car is parked at a building in the back, but other buildings appear empty. No other vehicles or people are on the property.
[Batman premiere at Paramount Theater]
Photograph of the premiere of the movie Batman at the Paramount Theater in Austin. A large crowd gathers to see Adam West and Burt Ward live and in person on stage in front of the theater. The crowd extends down the sidewalks on both sides of the theater. On a balcony on the right, a group of people hold a "Welcome Batman" sign. Cars drive by on the street below.
[Adams Extract Open House]
Photograph of a line of men, women, and children at the Adams Extract factory open house. Three factory workers stand at the machinery, while most men and women talk to each other in groups or wait for samples behind a rope.
Pure Milk Company Portraits
Photograph of a boy and a woman at a kitchen table. The woman stands in front of the table, her hand resting on the back of the chair, and she watches the boy as he sits and pours milk from a carton into a glass.
Anderson High School [Students In Class]
Photograph of a classroom of coed, African-American students at the old Anderson High School in Austin, Texas. On the left, a student and teacher study a map of the United States with the major rivers emphasized while the rest of the students, who are seated at their desks, look on.
Sani-Products for Texas [employee and customers]
Photograph of a Sani-Products for Texas employee handing out products to customers in front of the company truck. A man and woman accept a bag of potato chips from the employee. The truck's rear doors are open, and the truck is packed to the roof with boxes of Sani-Products potato chips and corn chips boxes.
Liberty Bell in Front of the Capitol
Photograph of the United States Liberty Bell in front of the Texas state Capitol building. A sign on the Ford Liberty Bell Fleet truck reads "Save for YOUR Independence - Buy U.S. Savings Bonds."
[Farmers Insurance Company secretary]
Photograph of a Farmers Insurance Company secretary at her desk. She holds a document in her right hand, and her left hand is at her typwriter. Two stacks of papers sit on her desk to her right. She is smiling at someone who is out of frame.
Aerial: 51st and Interegional Highway
Photograph of an aerial view of 51st Street and Interegional Highway.
[Trans-Texas Airways passengers standing planeside]
Photograph of a group of sixteen men and two women who are Trans-Texas Airways passengers standing planeside. The men wear hats but carry their coats slung over their arms. The sky is cloudy, but all are smiling. The TTA logo is visible on the side of the plane.
[Queen Theater at Christmas]
Photograph of the Queen Theater at 700 Congress Avenue at Christmas. The featured listed on the marquee is "First Yank Into Tokyo". West 7th Street flanks the theater on the left and Lerner Shops, Rhealee, and McLellan's flank the theater on the right. A bus and a couple of cars are parked in front of the theater. Christmas lights stretch across Congress Avenue.
Y.W.C.A. Sports Day
Photograph of three young women in a candid scene from the Y.W.C.A. Sports Day. Two young women wear shorts and sneakers, and a third woman wears a skirt and heels. One young woman holds a bat and another holds a softball.
Shiner's Parade
Photograph of a scene from Shriner Ben Hur Parade with Marshall Jimmie Jones riding in the back seat of a white Cadillac convertible. A sign with his name hangs over the side of the car. Spectators are faintly visible in the background standing in front of parked cars along the parade route. Behind the spectators the lit signs of various businesses are visible, including Russel Stover Candies, a hotel, a cafe, and a bank.
Zale Jewelers Store Exterior
Photograph of the exterior of Zale Jewelers located at 704 Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas. Three women stand outside the doors, looking in the windows. A bus passes on the left, and the street is wet. A trash bin on the sidewalk reads "Keep Austin Beautiful." The neighboring business is partially visible with a window displaying women's shoes.
NAACP Membership Campaign Headquarters
Photograph of three NAACP members standing outside, near the organization's campaign headquarters sign. One man on the right holds pamphlets and speaks to a young man and young woman on the left. The young woman holds a newspaper. The men both wear suits and the woman wears a white blouse with a long dark skirt. The A-frame sign reads, "N.A.A.C.P. / Membership / Campaign / Headquarters / Goal 1000 Members / Join Today / The Fight For / FREEDOM / 1017 East 11th St. / Phone Gr8-2839 / Rev. Robert E. Lee -- Chairman."
Southern Union Gas Service Men's School
Photograph of two men from the Southern Union Gas Service Men's School standing in front of a piece of equipment with a panel removed, revealing the interior. The young man on the left is pointing into the space behind the opened panel while the man on the right looks on. The man on the left wears grey slacks, a white shirt and a dark tie, and the man on the right wears a light-colored suit. Both men hold cigarettes. The corner of a desk with a manual on it is visible on the left.
[Texas Laundry and Dry Cleaning Association Representatives with Governor Price Daniels]
Photograph of two men from the Texas Laundry and Dry Cleaning Association stand to either side of Texas Governor Price Daniels as he signs a document at his office desk. Next to the men, beside the desk, a copy of the United States Declaration of Independence is on an easel.
Texas Laundry and Dry Cleaning Association at the Mayor's Office
Photograph of Mayer Robert "Tom" Miller and two representatives from the Texas Laundry and Dry Cleaning Association commemorating Professional Laundry and Dry Cleaning Week by holding a banner.
[1959 Dairy Princess Crowning]
Photograph of the crowning of the 1959 Mid-Texas Milk Producers Association Dairy Princess. A group of 17 female contestants stand in a row behind a banquet table with a punch bowl full of milk. All of the contestants pose with glasses of milk in front of a sign that says "June's Best Meals Start With Dairy." Other signs on the wall behind them are obscured. In the foreground a long dining table is set.
Summertime Activities [at the Y.W.C.A]
Photograph of three young women gathered around the back of a van at the Y.W.C.A. The women are dressed for summer in shorts and short-sleeved blouses. Two of the women carry portable canvas chairs, and one woman sits on the curb with a canvas duffel bag. Cars are visible driving and parked in the street behind them.
Armstrong Tractor Company [Displays New Tractors]
Photograph of employees of Armstrong Tractor Company displaying the new Ford tractor and equipment. Signs read "We Welcome the New Ford Tractor to Texas" and "Ford Tractors Flown to Austin by Braniff for State Highway Department, Armstrong Tractor Co." A crowd of men and boys gather to look at the new equipment.
Construction [at Disch Field]
Photograph of nearly completed construction of the stands and lights of Disch Field. The stands are seen from the side and the baseball field is only slightly visible on the right side of the image.
[St. David's Hospital opening day]
Photograph of the exterior of St. David's Hospital on opening day. Cars pack the parking lot and line both sides of the street. People line up at the entrance out to the street.
Aerial: Austin downtown
Aerial photograph of downtown Austin.
Kempel Show heifer
Photograph of a contestant showing off his black heifer in front of a barn at the Kempel Show.
[Junior-Senior Banquet at Liberty Hill High School]
Photograph of the Junior-Senior Banquet at Liberty Hill High School on May 15, 1953. Co-ed students in formal dress are seated around the exterior of tables arranged in a "U" shape.
[Daughters of the American Revolution Austin headquarters]
Photograph of the exterior of the Daughters of the American Revolution (Thankful Hubbard Chapter) headquarters at 708 San Antonio Street in Austin, Texas.
Watson-Lewis [furnished living room]
Photograph of a living room furnished by Watson-Lewis Home Furnishings. A matching sofa and love seat sit on opposite sides of a large coffee-table with cushions in the center of the room. At the window is a table with two bright table lamps and an urn.
Austin Country Club [exterior]
Photograph of the exterior entrance and parking lot of the Country Club of Austin, located on East Riverside Drive on the east end of Felix Avenue. Cars are lined up in the parking lot on this sunny day. A woman exits the building while another woman stands at the entrance.
Congress Avenue [street scenes]
Photograph of Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas lined with businesses: Congress Hotel, Victory Bar, Austin Studio, Massey's Furniture Store, Richardson Company, and Texas Public Service Company. Cars line the street, including a military covered jeep parked in front of the hotel. Passersby wear coats and holiday lights stretch across the avenue. An advertisement for 7-Up is painted on the side of one of the buildings.
[Children bowling]
Photograph of two children bowling in a school hallway. The young girl has released her ball, which rolls towards the seven pins. The boy is bent over, ready to release his ball as well.
Aerials: 51st and Interregional Highway
Aerial photograph of 51st Street and Interegional Highway from an airplane.
Aerial: Austin Downtown
Photograph of a high aerial view of downtown Austin.
Anderson High School [Students]
Photograph of eight female students and a teacher at Anderson High School. The students are in uniform. They stand posed in front of a chalkboard.
[Cerebral Palsy Center ground breaking]
Photograph of the ground breaking ceremony for the Cerebral Palsy Center. A crowd of men watch as the first shovel of dirt is excavated and the ground is broken. The sky is cloudy, but the men have removed their hats for the occasion.
[600 Block of Congress Avenue]
Photograph of businesses along the 600 block of Congress Avenue at Christmas: the Baptist Cervice Center, Zales, Rapp Brothers, Western Union, and McKinnon's. Cars line the streets and holiday lights stretch across the street. Men, including two sailors in discussion, stand on the corner of Congress Ave and West 6th Street.
[Chief Justice Tom C. Clark in Austin]
Photograph of U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Tom C. Clark sitting in a chair and holding a copy of the Austin Statesman. The headline reads: "Moscow Charges B29 Attacked Red Fighters Over Soviet Region."
[Woman in Arab Costume Dress]
Photograph of a woman (possibly Virginia Farmer) in Arab costume dress kneeling on a stage floor. The dress is light colored and has patches of glitter. The bodice is also glittery and shows the woman's belly. A scarf tied around her face covers her nose, mouth, and chin.
Walker's Austex [beef stew pie display]
Photograph of Walker's Austex Beef Stew Pie display at a local retail fair. The display is a giant beef stew pie with cans of Austex beef stew lining the booth walls. Signs for the product claim "Austex Beef Stew Pie: It's Quick, It's Inexpensive, It's Easy to Serve. Just fill a pie shell with one can Austex Beef Stew" and "An Austex Budget Meal costs less than 50 cents to make an Austex Beef Stew Pie."