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 Decade: 1930-1939
 Collection: O. Henry Project
Excerpt pages from The Caliph of Baghdad
Excerpt pages from "The Caliph of Baghdad" relevant to J.W. Maxwell’s certifying claim with copy of receipt to PH Hatzfeld’s.
In O. Henry's Memory
Photo essay includes images of O.Henry's life in Austin, including the Hill City Quartette, houses O. Henry lived in, sketches by O. Henry and letters by his daughter Margaret Porter.
O. Henry to illustrate "Indian Depredations in Texas"
Negative image of affidavit concerning Jossiah [sic] Willbarger employment of O. Henry to illustrate "Indian Depredations in Texas," 10 November 1932, signed by N.A. Rector
Statement by Judge J.W. Maxwell
Regarding William S. Porter's note on some debt he owed Hatzfeld and Co.
Advertisement for O. Henry Bibliography
Lengthy advertisement for O. Henry Bibliography.
O. Henry's cradle
Back of postcard reads: "Cradle in which O. Henry was rocked."
School attended by O. Henry
Back of postcard reads: "This is the only school that O. Henry (Wm. Sydney Porter) ever attended. He was taught by his Aunt, Miss Lina Porter, and left this school when he was only fifteen."
O. Henry's Pen Name
Letter entitled, "O. Henry’s Pen Name," on the possible origin of his pseudonym.
O. Henry Book has Wealth of Fact
Newspaper review of the "O. Henry Bibliography"
O. Henry As I Knew Him
Article from unknown magazine where Mrs. Porter discusses her experience being courted by O. Henry
Beta Preview