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 County: Dallas County, TX
 Decade: 1880-1889
 Collection: J. L. Patton Collection
Lillian Coffin
Lillian Coffin. Young child
Nora Parks
Parks Nora Wife, Miss Nora Parks [stamped info, Louisville Art GA??? J.D. McDaniel Photographer 1205 Elm Street Two9 Blocks West of Union ? Dallas Tex]. Woman in dress, holding an umbrella, and standing next to a chair.
[Photograph of Floyd Stanton]
Photograph of Floyd Stanton in a suit and bow tie.
[Portrait of a Young Woman]
Portrait of a woman in a dark high-necked dress.
Squire Jackson (on the right) and two other men
Squire Jackson on right, 75 cents, Fridy [Envelope description: Patton Collection Fragile Squire Jackson on the right. Three men in suits
Unidentified man
Man in suit leaning against a chair. Printed at the bottom: Louisville Art Gallery, 1132 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas.
Unidentified man
Man in suit holding hat and standing. Printed at the bottom: Mignon, 701 Elm St., Dallas, Texas.
Unidentified woman
Woman in dress standing next to a wall.