Recorded Texas Historic Landmark Files

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Recorded Texas Historic Landmark Files

The Texas Historical Commission contributes a selection of its Recorded Texas Historic Landmark application files that document historically significant buildings from five heritage regions in the state.

The Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks designation is awarded to historic structures deemed worthy of preservation and is the highest honor the state bestows upon historic structures in Texas. Each of these historic buildings has an application and research file that document the unique history of these seminal structures along with photographs that illustrate architectural features of the property.

The areas covered are the Independence Trail Region, the Hill Country Trail Region, the Texas Tropical Trail Region, the Pecos Trail Region, and the Mountain Trail Region. This area includes iconic and historically significant buildings in places such as Galveston, Houston, Austin, Fredericksburg, San Antonio, Schulenberg, Kerrville, Goliad, Victoria, Langtry, Midland, Falfurrius, Corpus Christi, Marfa, and El Paso. The material in these files reveal in-depth research about buildings and locations such as: the Gilbeau Slave Quarters and La Villita in San Antonio; the Mrs. Sam Houston House in Independence; Ashton Villa, Grand Opera House, and Menard-Ganter House in Galveston; the Paisano Hotel in Marfa; Temple Beth El and Julius Lichtenstein House in Corpus Christi; and the George W. Bush Childhood Home and the Yucca Theatre in Midland.

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