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 Decade: 1950-1959
 Collection: Rescuing Texas History, 2007
[400 N. Queen - Redlands Hotel]
Photograph of the south and west sides of the Redlands Hotel, on the corner of Oak and Queen streets, at 400 N. Queen in Palestine, Texas. It is a Two-Part Vertical Block building that has a U-shaped plan and load-bearing masonry walls, with Renaissance Revival-style architectural elements. Noteworthy features include the quoin-like brick in the end bays of the west and south elevations, and the entablature with large brackets.
[407 E. Kolstad - Mallard Alexander House]
Photograph of a light-colored house surrounded by a lawn and trees. One of the oldest homes in Palestine, this house was built using slave labor in 1848 by Judge John B. Mallard. Surrounded by stately oak and cedar trees, it continues to be on its original foundation of one and one-half foot cedar logs and has been repaired and remodeled by later owners. Marked by the State of Texas n 1952, it has been the home of the Forrest Bradberrys since 1957. Judge Mallard and his wife, the former Susan S. Scott, came to Texas from Mississippi in 1845 and settled at Old Fort Houston. In February 1846, he moved to Palestine, the new county seat of Anderson County which had been organized that same year, and purchased ten acres, known as the Mallard Block. This acreage was located just north of the then city limits which is now in Old Town Palestine. The Mallards had seven children including Mrs. Bettie Oder, a beloved teacher in Palestine for forty-six years. Mrs. Oder was born at this home in 1849 and died in Houston in 1940. Also born here was Mrs. Barbara Alexander Eppner. The first census of early Palestine was compiled n 1848 by Mrs. John Mallard, and included the families living in the original town site, a total of 148 whites and 31 negro slaves. Judge Mallard, the first lawyer to practice in Palestine, served as a member of the Fifth Texas Legislature, and was the second Chief Justice of Anderson County. In 1852, he formed a law partnership with Judge William Alexander and Judge John H. Reagan. In 1854, Judge Mallard died and on March 8, 1857, his widow married Judge Alexander. Judge William Alexander, born in Scotland on September 10, 1814, came to Galveston in 1850 and on to Palestine. In 1860, shortly before the outbreak of the War between the States, he was appointed by Governor Sam Houston to be Chief Justice of Anderson County and served until 1865. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church, helped establish the first public school in Palestine and served on the first school board. Judge William Alexander died in January 1872 and is buried in the Old Palestine Cemetery near his former law partner, Judge John Mallard.
[601 E. Hodges - Elmwood]
Photograph of the front and east side of "Elmwood," a white, two-story house located at 601 E. Hodges in Palestine, Texas. The house has a wrap-around porch and a two-story pedimented portico with Ionic-style columns; these elements altered the original Queen Anne-style architecture.
[601 E. Hodges - Elmwood]
Photograph of the front and east side of "Elmwood," a white, two-story house located at 601 E. Hodges in Palestine, Texas. The house has a wrap-around porch and a two-story pedimented portico with Ionic-style columns; these elements altered the original Queen Anne-style architecture.
[638 S. Magnolia - Silliman House]
This 2-story dwelling is an excellent illustration of the Georgian Revival style, an early 20th century architectural form rarely found in Palestine. This house is further distinguished by its load-bearing walls, which are a contrast to the prevailing wood-frame construction used on most domestic buildings in Palestine. Noted architect and New Jersey-native James Frith Brook (who was responsible for numerous Palestine buildings, including the Redlands Hotel), designed this house for Dr. J. Calvin Silliman in 1911. C.S. Maffitt was the contractor, but some also believe that he was the architect, instead of Mr. Brook. The story goes that the foundation for the house was installed and had to stand for several months before construction on the dwelling could begin. The outside brick walls were constructed first and then the inside studs and walls were built. The carriage house, located in back, dates back to the first owners of the lot, a Dr. Swinney, whose home was moved to allow for the building of this home. Silliman sold the house to his cousin, John H. Silliman in 1915, when he moved his family to California. A Mississippi native, J.H. Silliman was the proprietor of Silliman and Company – a Palestine business founded in 1871, and one of the largest hardware stores in the region. Silliman married Laura Brook, the architect’s daughter, in 1920 and they lived here until sometime in the 1940’s. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Willis purchased the property from the Silliman’s and they lived there until 1973, when it was sold to the Bailey family.
[1003 N. Link - H.H. Link House]
Photograph of the front and south side of the "H.H. Link House" located at 1003 N. Link in Palestine, Texas. It is a two-story, white house with both Queen Anne and Classical Revival-style architectures, including two-story Ionic columns across the front. The foreground of this image is blurred, obscuring part of the house.
1910 Auto with Capitol Building
Old fashioned couple stands next to 1910 automobile with the State Capitol in the background
1950 Childress District Office, Texas Highway Dept - 1st picnic
Photograph of a a Texas Highway Department picnic. A large gathering is shown with a man opening a bottled beverage while a young girl walks to the right , holding a drink.
1957 General Highway Map of Bosque County, Texas
Official 1957 general highway map of Bosque County, Texas showing major state and county roads, streams and rivers, towns, and other landmarks.
1st Southern Presbyterian Church
Exterior of Church, Brazos and 8th St. looking north.
[36th Texas Division - T - Patch guard #1]
Group of four unidentified Army soldiers demonstrating a mortar.
[36th Texas Division - T Patch Guard - #2]
Unidentified Army Master Sargent showing a boy a 120mm mortar with a safety plug in the tube .
[36th Texas Division - T - Patch guard #3]
Three men, two in uniform, standing at doorway
[36th Texas Division - T - Patch guard #4]
Three men in uniform
[36th Texas Division - T - Patch guard #5]
Two men in uniform with wives, visiting in a crowd of people.
50000th Telephone in Austin
Woman talking on telephone, men standing and smiling
A&A Insurance
Two men, one receiving check
Accident Scene
Looking down street of an accident for insurance claim for client Tom Davis
Accident Scene
Looking down train tracks for insurance claim for Tom Davis
[Adult Choir]
Photograph of the First Christian Church Adult Choir. Back row - left to right: A.E. Catanach, not know, not known, Peg Catanach, Curtis Lacy, not known, Ralph Breelove, not known, not known, McIntosh, Austine Mills. Front row - left to right: Mathilda Steed, not known, Mildred Allgood, Gladys Lacy, Lolly Prafka, Alma Rigsby, Allene Breedlove, not known, Peggy McIntosh, Willie Mae West.
Aerial field day
News coverage, KONO Special events
Aerial field day
Five men standing in front of prop plane
[Aerial View of Orange, Texas]
Aerial photograph of Orange, Texas. Many of the buildings in the photograph are now gone. Mrs. Lutcher Stark of Orange bought most of the downtown properties and built a performing arts theater and museum. The buildings that did survive are mostly occupied by Lamar University, Orange extension. The Sabine River is on the lower left.
[Aerial View of Palestine]
Aerial view of Palestine looking west.
[Aerial View of Sabine River and Riverside Area in 1950]
Aerial view of the Riverside area of Orange, Texas where the naval housing was located. Berthing piers jut out into the Sabine River. Louisiana is on the far shore.
Aerial views
Looking NW from about the north approach from Lamar bridge. At the lower right, RR tracks cross Lamar Blvd. and note the RR Depot in the mid center of photograph and the water tank toward the bottom left. West 6th St runs in the center from left to right.
Aerial views - East Avenue Highway
Aerial photograph of downtown Austin. The photograph shows a view of downtown Austin from East Avenue highway during the construction of IH 35. The intersection is Airport Boulevard on the foreground, with the golf course on the right hand side in the middle of the photo, which later became Hancock Center, the first shopping center in Austin.
Aerial views - East Avenue Highway
Aerial view of neighborhood south of the University of Texas in foreground, with the University Campus in the center and the Capitol and downtown visible above Texas Memorial Stadium. Red River Street is prominent in the frame.
Aerial views - East Avenue Highway
Aerial view of State Capitol and north downtown, looking north to the University of Texas. East Avenue on the far right corner of the photograph.
Aerials - St. Stephen's School
River at bottom
Aerials - St. Stephen's School
River at side
Aerials - St. Stephen's School
River at side
Aged Citizen
Elderly woman, Mrs. Kubola, sits by with a grin
Airport scenes: control tower, planes
Stewardess serving man drink in plane.
Airport scenes: control tower planes
Man turning airplane propeller
Airport scenes: control tower, planes
Two men at airplane gesturing towards man walking
Airport scenes: control tower, planes
Photograph of a man in an airport control tower, speaking on a telephone.
Airport scenes: control tower, planes
Two men on telephones in front of computer equip
Airport scenes: control tower, planes
Two men in airport control tower
Alamo Hotel
Exterior of Alamo Hotel, 400 W. 6th St.
Alamo Hotel
Exterior view of The Alamo Hotel at 400 W. 6th Street. Kash-Karry Grocery sign is visible in background at left. Wesley's Distinctive Dry Cleaning storefront is visible to the right of the hotel. The cleaners was located at 606 Guadalupe.
[Allen, C. B. Reunion #1]
Large group of family members at the C. B. Allen Family Reunion.
[Allen, C. B. Reunion #2]
Group of adults, seated, older couple in center, she is wearing corsage
[Allen, C. B. Reunion #3]
Group of twelve young people, younger ones seated in front.
[Allen, C. B. Reunion #4]
Large family group - 19 adults, 9 children surrounding Mr and Mrs Allen.
[Allen, C. B. Reunion #5]
Group of twelve children
[Allen, C. B. Reunion #6]
Allen's surrounded by group of eight adults.
Allred Finance Banquet
Banquet for Allred Finance, includes Mr. Davis
[Ambulance from the Hassell Foster Funeral Home]
Photo of an ambulance owned by the Hassell Foster Funeral Home.
[Ambulance from the Hassell Foster Funeral Home]
Photo of an ambulance owned by the Hassell Foster Funeral Home.