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 Decade: 1950-1959
 Collection: Rescuing Texas History, 2007
[Woodward-Giltmeyer Wedding #1]
Two men posed at altar
[Woodward-Giltmeyer Wedding #2]
Bride and father.
[Woodward-Giltmeyer Wedding #3]
Wedding party
[Woodward-Giltmeyer Wedding #4]
Bride and groom exiting.
[Woodward-Giltmeyer Wedding #5]
Bride and Groom with parents.
[Woodward-Giltmeyer Wedding #6]
Bride and groom
[Woodward-Giltmeyer Wedding #7]
Bride and attendants
[Woodward-Giltmeyer Wedding #8]
Male attendants at wedding
[Woodward-Giltmeyer Wedding #9]
Bride feeding groom cake
[World Youth Conference]
Photograph of the World Youth Conference. Five buses are parked in a row with all the members of the conference standing in front of the buses, waving at the photographer. The conference was held at Methodist Temple on Fifth Street because the First Christian Church did not have a large enough place to have the meeting.
Young African American Talking to Reporter
Man standing
Young African American talking to Reporter
Man on stairs
Young African American Talking to Reporter
Man sitting at desk
Young African American Talking to Reporter
Photograph of a man leaving office. He is walking down a flight of stairs and there are several men behind him, holding cameras.
Young African American Talking to Reporter
Photograph of a man in a suit walking in a tiled corridor. He has just walked out of a set of double doors with the words "Offices of the President and Vice President" written on the outside.
[Youth Round Up Parade]
Photograph of the Youth Round Up Parade in Port Arthur, Texas. The parade is being led by a car pulling a wagon, three cars are following the first car. The parade is being led down a busy streets with a lot of stores and eateries.
YWCA Party
Looking through phonograph records
YWCA Party
2 couples dancing
YWCA Party
Stamping hand
Zale's Jewelry Company
Interior view of Zale's Jewelers at 619 Congress. Showcases and counters.
Zilker Elementary School
Exterior view of Zilker Elementary School and grounds, 1900 Bluebonnet Lane.