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 County: Harris County, TX
 Language: No Language
 Collection: Rescuing Texas History, 2009
[Ludwig Erhard Stepping Out of an Airplane]

[Ludwig Erhard Stepping Out of an Airplane]

Date: December 28, 1963
Creator: Dietel, Norman
Description: Photograph of Ludwig Erhard stepping out of a Lufthansa airliner as military personnel, journalists, and politicians stand on a runway. One man in a dark suit is walking up the airplane's stairs toward Erhard.
Contributing Partner: LBJ Museum of San Marcos
[Butler's Shoe Store]

[Butler's Shoe Store]

Date: March 2, 1950
Creator: Douglass, Neal
Description: Photograph of a print of the Butler's Shoe Store in Houston.
Contributing Partner: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library