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 Collection: Star of the Republic Museum Objects
"The Alamo"
Oval painting of the Alamo, on glass or copper sheet; framed. "The Alamo" printed near lower center of painting
Ambrotype of unidentified Navasota area resident; in Gutta Percha case, Victorian design
"Battle of Chancellorsville"
Lithograph of the Battle of Chancellorsville, which took place in Virginia on May 2-4, 1863.
"Battle of Corinth"
Caption reads, "Oct. 3' & 4' 1862. Union (Gen. Rosecrans) Loss: Gens Hackleman, Kirby Smith & 315 kd, 1812 wo & 232 misg conf. (Gen. Van Dorn) Loss: Col. Rogers & 1424 kd, 5000 wo, 2268 pris."; kd=killed, wo=wounded, misg conf=missing confirmed
"The Bell Mare"
Artist's proof of Remington painting copytighted by Frederic Remington
"Bivouac of Confederate troops on the Las Moras, Texas, with stolen U.S. wagons, etc."
Engraved print of soldiers, wagons, and livestock on the banks of the Las Moras
"Brownsville, Texas, Occupied by the Army under General Banks, November 1863", in Frank Leslie's, "The Soldier In Our Civil War" (1893)
Engraved print of supplies stacked on wharf at Brownsville, Texas
"The Buffalo Runners"
Artist's proof of Remington painting copyrighted by P.F. Collier & Son
"Capitulation of Vera Cruz: The Mexican Soldiers Marching Out and Surrendering their Arms to General Scott, March 29, 1847."
Hand-colored print of soldiers at Vera Cruz
"Champ D'Asile"
Engraved drawing of Champ D'Asile
"Cheyenne Wolf Rola"
Portrait of Native American
"Chief Joseph, Nez Perce"
Native American Painting
"The Constitution and its Nurses"
Cartoon featuring Van Buren, Jackson, Polk, Tyler, Clay, Cass, and Johnson
[Cover of Child's Primer]
Images of the front and back covers of a child's verse book. The text and illustrations of the cover are mostly disintegrated, but the word 'Primer' appears to be on the front. A handwritten note in the top, left-hand corner of the front cover says, "Josie May Lance, Born 1869 - her book."
"'Creasing' Mustangs in Texas"
From "Harper's Weekly"
"David Crockett's Elk Hunt"
Hand-colored engraving from Sporting Review (Plate 17), with Crockett's description of hunt
"David Crockett's Fight For Bear-Meat"
Hand-colored engraving from Sporting Review (Plate 18) with Crockett's description of fight
"A Deer Drive in the Texas 'Cross-Timber"
Hand-colored engraving of hunters, horses, dogs, and deer in Texas forest
"Disabling and Capture of the Federal Gunboats 'Sachem' and 'Clifton' in the Attack on Sabine Pass, Texas, September 8th, 1863"
Line engraving shows USS Clifton on the left and USS Sachem on the right. Published in "The Soldier in our Civil War" Vol. II
Engraved print
Baron Alexander von Humboldt
"Engraving of the Funeral of Iturbide"
Processional with crowds lining the street and band playing at funeral of Iturbide
Engraving plate
Silverplate engraving plate (a) and frame (b); drawn by Arthur Schott; engraved by James D. Smillie
Black and white reproduction print of Galveston taken from Harper's Weekly; limited edition of 100 sets
"Galveston in Texas"
Black and white reproduction print of Galveston taken from Harper's Weekly; limited edition of 100 sets
"Galveston in Texas"
Hand-colored engraving of dock at Galveston; scene shows houses, bales of cotton, workers, sinking boat
Galveston in Texas
Steel engraving print of Galveston, Texas from Meyer's Universum
"Geronimo, Apache"
Native American Painting
[Harper's Weekly: Elizabeth Street, Brownsville, Texas]
Color sketch of Elizabeth Street in Brownsville, Texas, printed from a photograph in an issue of Harper's Weekly. There are buildings lining the street, but no signs are visible. The street is filled with covered wagons and people (including soldiers in uniform).
"Houston and Galveston Railroad"
From Harper's Weekly
"The Immigrants"
Artist's proof of Remington painting copyrighted by Collier's Weekly
"Indian on Horseback"
Native American Painting
"Indian Scouts"
Artist's proof of Remington painting copyrighted in 1909 by P.F. Collier and Son
Jean Lafitte and Dominic You
Pen and old ink sketch of four men in a tavern
"Kicking Bear"
Native American Painting
[Membership certificate of Alexander Simon as a member of The Merchants' Association of New York]
Papers of Alexander Simon. Membership certificate of Alexander Simon, Brenham, as a non-resident member of The Merchants' Association of New York; bird's eye-view of Manhattan Island in center of certificate
"Monterey"; "Monterey as it appeared on 23rd September 1846"
Monterey during the Mexican War
"Navaho Threadwinder"
Portrait of Native American
"Notice to Smokers and Chewers"
Hand-colored lithograph of a rebus (word picture puzzle) warning smokers of the following: "Gentlemen are requested to spit in the spittoon and not on the floor, and to throw their butts and stumps in the stove, or out at the window."
Oil painting
Portrait of George Washington by an unknown artist
Pamphlet: Souvener Album of Houston, Texas.
Souvenir album of Houston, Texas; consists of drawings of different buildings in Houston
"Port of Galveston"
Black and white reproduction print of Galveston taken from Harper's Weekly; limited edition of 100 sets
Portrait of Felix Robertson
Grandson of Sterling Clack Robertson
Portrait of General Sam Houston
Hand-colored, engraved portrait of Sam Houston taken from a history book.
Portrait of J. Pinkney Henderson
Portrait of J. Pinkney Henderson cut from a book, unknown source
Portrait of Noah T. Byars
Byars, a Baptist Minister, is dressed in the uniform of General Sam Houston
Portrait of Thomas Jefferson
Print of Thomas Jefferson posed near a table with a pen in his hand.
Portrait of Willliam Carrol Crawford
Portrait of Willliam Carrol Crawford, signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence
One of three postcards depicting Sam Houston's homes, and monument to Houston; house depicted in Huntsville, Texas
Print of Generals Lee and Grant
The surrender at Appomattox, Lee and Grant seated at a table with a document in hand, unknown source
Print of Independence Hall
One of three views of Independence Hall, Washington, Texas