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 Language: English
 Serial/Series Title: Barbed wire
 Collection: Star of the Republic Museum Objects
[Old West Barbed Wire]

[Old West Barbed Wire]

Date: unknown
Creator: unknown
Description: 8 pieces of barbed wire mounted on masonite; label on back reads, "To Belton from the Sachtlebens". There is a label at the top of the board that says "Barb Wire From the Old West" as well as labels for each of the samples, from top to bottom: Brinkerhoff; T.V. Allis -- Buckthorn; Twisted Ribbon Wire; L. E. Suderland Kink; Scutt's Arrow Plate; Scutt's Clip; Brotherton 21/4 Inch Spacing; and Burnell Four Point.
Contributing Partner: Star of the Republic Museum
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