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Gesetze und Nebengesetze der Deutsch-Amerikanische gegenseitige Unterstützungs-Gesellschaft bei Feuerschäden in Travis und angrezenden Counties
This short pamphlet contains the laws and bylaws of the German-American Mutual Fire Insurance Association for Travis and Neighboring Counties. The document describes the association's structure and rules for conducting business including: its purpose, titles and duties of officers, election of officers, intake of new members, types of insurance offered, procedures for investigating claims, and making changes to the laws and bylaws. The sitting president and secretary are named on the second to last page, and the last page contains a table of contents.
Nebengesetze der unentwegt Loge No. 160
This short pamphlet constitutes the bylaws of the O. D. H. S. steadfast lodge number 160, a chapter of the Order of the Sons of Hermann which was devoted to the preservation of German heritage and culture. The document describes rules for calling meetings, intake of new members, collecting membership dues, electing officers, attendance at member funerals, and making changes to the bylaws. The last page lists the officers of the lodge at the time the bylaws were approved.
The Family History of Jorgen and Ane Ingvardsen
Family genealogy tracing the descendants of Jorgen and Ane Ingvardsen who immigrated from Denmark and settled in Danevang, Texas around 1904. The table of contents lists: Tusind Tak, History, Register Report of Ingvart Hansen Ingvardsen, Kinship Report of Ingvart Hansen Ingvardsen, and an index (starting on page 37). Documentation also includes immigration records for family members with a photocopy of the original manifest, and photographs from several generations.
[Soldiers Pay Record Book]
Soldiers pay record book from World War I belonging to Andrew Jensen. Information recorded includes total monthly pay, deductions, net monthly pay, date paid, and the name of the quartermaster making the payment. According to the title page, this book was carried by the soldier for his own records. The book indicates that Jensen's total monthly wages were $33.00, and his net monthly pay, after $7.00 deducted for insurance, was $26.00. His monthly pat later went up to $40.20 total and $33.20 net. Jensen was drafted into the National Army on September 19, 1917 and reported to Bay City, Texas. The pay book was opened on January 1, 1919, and he returned to the U.S. from foreign service on June 15,1919. He applied for War Risk Insurance in the amount of $10,000.
[1958 Confirmation Class]
Photograph of the 1958 confirmation class and their pastor gathered for a group picture inside a church. Behind them, inside a small alcove is a statue of Jesus Christ with hands outspread in front of him looking down. They are all wearing formal attire. The boys wear two-piece suits and the girls are in light-colored dresses. They all have corsages pinned to their chests. From left to right, they have been identified as: Top row: Harold Smith, Ronnie Dippel, David Hildpold, Lilburn Shulty (possibly), and Pastor Jespersen. Bottom row: Gendra Bram (possibly), Marilyn Thaysen, Beverly Waldman, and "Mike" Brodsgaard. These names are also hand-written on the back of the photograph in black ink.
[Family Photograph at Margaret & Arnold Juhl Wedding]
Photograph of a large number of people gathered together for a group picture in front of a closed curtain. According to the line of text that prefaces the names on the bottom part of the image, the photograph was "taken at the 50th anniversary of Margaret and Arnold Juhl at the Danevang Hall." They are all dressed in formal attire. Further, with the exception of two members of the group, they all also wear glasses. From left to right, they have been identified as: Top row: Anna Skalicky, Rudolph Skalicky, Edythe Michaelsen, Hans Michaelsen, Vavie Skalicky, Frank Skalicky. Middle row: Frank Witcher, Charles Corley, Christian Michaelsen, Arnold Juhl, Sophus Michaelsen, George Michaelsen, Carl Michaelsen. Bottom row: Clara Witcher, Helen Corley, Clara Michaelsen, Margaret Juhl, Methea Michaelsen, Helena Michaelsen, and Hilda Michaelsen.
[C. Adler in Cotton Marketing Harlingen Office ]
Photograph of a man sitting behind a large wooden work desk. Two empty chairs are on either side in the front. The surface of the desk is covered in various office supplies and stacks of papers. Behind the man, there is a phone, a rolled up newspaper, and a slender lamp on a second, smaller desk. Additionally, there is a map of the southern tip of Texas hanging on the wall, which is covered in wooden panels. The man, identified as C. Adler, smiles at the camera and wears a short-sleeve shirt. Hand-written notations on the back of the photograph state that he was at the Cotton Marketing Harlingen office, and that "many farmers worked with him." All four corners of the photograph are slightly torn.
Helvig Berndt on Accordion
Photograph of an elderly man, identified as Helvig Jensen Berndt, sitting on a round couch with an accordion. He wears a suit and thin bow tie. His hands are clasped around the accordion which rests on his lap. Behind him, a window partially covered by a curtain is seen. To the left, in front of Helvig, a wrapped present and a tall arrangement of flowers have been placed on a small table.
[Group of People Seated at Long Table]
Photograph of a large group of people seated on a long table that has been covered by a white tablecloth. Several white cups, some silverware, and a few books are on the table. The group is inside a large interior space. In the background, there are two girls looking down at a baby in a crib. From left to right, starting with the man wearing the horn-rimmed glasses whose face has been blurred by the camera's flash, they have been identified as: Glen Hutson, Henrietta Bram, Otto Bram, Darlene Miksik, Wesley Miksik, Henry Nielsen, Joyce Nielson, Curtis Jensen, Patty Jensen, Bertha Jensen, Carl Hiltpold, Lillie Hiltpold, Lillie Hansen, Olaf Hansen, Elsie Christensen, and Oscar V. Christensen.
J. C. Evers and Family
Studio photograph of J. C. Evers and his family posing in front of a light-colored backdrop and a set of pulled curtains. J. C. Evers himself is sitting on a chair on the far left. He wears a three-piece suit with a dark tie. A young woman is behind him on the right wearing a turtleneck top with a dark, belted skirt. Two children are in the middle, a girl and a boy; presumably siblings. A fourth person, an older woman dressed in dark clothing, is seated on the far right in a wicker chair. The photograph has been pasted on a stiff, cardboard matte surface that is chipping on the top left corner. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "From Abelona Wind Harton. Friends with family in Danevang. Evers lived in 424 East corner of second [difficult to read] from right."
[Aerial Photograph of School]
Aerial photograph of a school building surrounded by farmland. The date Oct. 1954 is written on the back.
WWI Soldiers
Copy negative of three soldiers wearing their World War One uniforms. The long-sleeved uniforms are made of heavy fabric, and button up the chest to the neck. There are two pockets on either side of the row of center buttons. A circular pin is attached to collar of each soldier's uniform.
Danevang Folks on Boat Ride
Copy negative of citizens of Danevang taking a boat ride in Palacios Bay, Texas. The image was taken from the dock as the boat is taking off. People on the boat are leaning out the windows to look at the camera. One boy is sitting atop the roof of the vessel and clutching his hat in his hand. Several other children are leaning on the railing of the boat and dipping their toes in the water. The bank of the river and several buildings onshore can be seen behind the boat, as well as a bridge that extends past the picture plane.
Soldiers Homecoming
Copy negative of veterans arriving home after World War I. The twelve men, who are all wearing their uniforms, are walking across a field in rows of two.
Hilma and Jens Peter Petersen
Copy negative of Hans T. Peter Petersen and his wife Hilma, standing outside of their home. Hilma is facing Hans on the right side of the image. She is wearing a short-sleeved floral dress that reaches to her ankles, sandals, and glasses. Hans is wearing a long-sleeved collared shirt, a striped tie, slacks, and a dark belt with a metal buckle. A white, rounded column supported by a square brick base and foliage are visible in the background.
[Children Playing in Flood Water]
Copy negative of Clara and Pearl Juhl sitting on the front porch of their home, dipping their toes in the the flood water that surrounds the porch.
Donald G. Petersen on Tractor
Copy negative of the baby Donald Petersen sitting in the seat of a tractor at Jens Peter Petersen's farm.
Hans T. Rasmussen Family
Copy negative of the Rasmussen Family, taken in a front of a white background. The thirteen family members are standing in a semi-circle around Hans Rasmussen and his wife, Anna Louise. The men are wearing collared, long-sleeved shirts with ties and slacks, while the women are wearing patterned, collared, and short-sleeved dresses with necklaces and curled hair.
Dagny Andersen Jensen and Grandmother
Copy negative of a portrait of Dagny Andersen Jensen on the left, and her grandmother Pauline Andersen, on the right. Dagny, age eight, wears a dark-colored dress with a wide collar embroidered with light-colored flowers and a large bow in her hair. Pauline wears a dark-colored dress with several pleats around the collar. Her hair is parted down the center and pulled tightly back into a bun.
Walter Nielsen in Buggy
Copy negative of Walter Nielsen driving a small buggy pulled by two horses. Walter is wearing a cabby hat and dark peacoat over a light-colored shirt. Two boxcars and brush are visible in the behind the left-facing buggy.
Danevang School 1908
Copy negative of the students of Danevang School, posing outside of their school in 1908. The ages of the children range from toddler to teenager. The white clapboard school building with three shuttered windows is visible in the background.
Carl Harton Family
Copy negative of Carl Harton's family outside of his home. Five men are standing in the row farthest behind the others, wearing collared shirts and ties. The front row consists of three women and one man. The woman on the far right is wearing a collared dress that button down the center, a thin belt, and glasses. The woman second to the left is wearing a striped jacket over a dark skirt. The woman on the right hand side of the image is holding the arm of the man to the left of her, wearing a long-sleeve dress that buttons across the chest.
Sunday Dinner with the Pastor
Copy negative of a group of church members eating Sunday dinner with their pastor. Four men, three women, and one boy are sitting around a table facing the camera, while one woman is standing over the table holding a coffee pot. All of the members of the group are toasting over the center of the table. The table that the group is sitting around is covered in a white tablecloth, and filled with various foods and eating utensils. The dining room in which the group resides has a checkered tile floor and patterned wallpaper. A window on the right of the room is draped with sheer curtains. Small portraits hang on the walls and a china cabinet stands against the back wall, filled with extra dinnerware.
R. B. Store with Post Office
Copy negative of the R.B. Department Store and post office, owned by Peter Nieseg. The store is a one-story, white clapboard building with a vehicle parked in the front, surrounded by fields and a wire fence. Carl Harton's home is visible in the background along with a man who is walking across the field.
Friends in Front of Car
Copy negative of a group of young adults posing in front of an automobile. Four women are standing on the side rail of the automobile, wearing dresses that fall below the knee with long necklaces. Three men are standing on the ground in front of the girls, all wearing jackets, vests, neck ties, and hats. A man with a pipe in his mouth is standing behind the group wearing a vest and long-sleeved shirt.
Picking Spring Flowers
Copy negative of four children picking flowers in front of a wood-frame house. The children are sitting in a row, with the youngest baby in the center, the two toddlers on either side of the baby, and two girls on either side of the toddlers. Each child has a pile of flowers in their lap. The two eldest girls are wearing matching plaid dresses, dark collars, and matching bows in their hair. The three other children are wearing light-colored dresses.
Blacksmith Shop in Jones County
Copy negative of Carl Harton's blacksmithing and woodworking shop in Danevang, Texas. The one-story building features a false storefront with a sign reading "Blacksmith and Woodwork." Two carriages pulled by horses are driving across the road in front of the shop. Several men are standing in front of the open doors of the shop. On the left side of the shop, wagon wheels and other debris are scattered against the building.
Confirmation Dresses
Copy negative of four girls standing together in the middle of the road. The four girls have their arms wrapped around each other, wearing white dresses with sashes, stockings, white shoes, and bows in their hair.
Motorcycles in Front of Blacksmith Shop in Avoca
Copy negative of men standing in front of Carl Harton's blacksmith shop in Avoca Texas. Three of the men are seated on motorcycles, while five other men stand around the bikes. The men are wearing overalls, plaid shirts, peacoats, buttoned sweaters, and vests. They are also wearing cabbie hats, fedoras, and cowboy hats.
W. S. Harton 1923 Model T Ford
Copy negative of Carl and Esther Smith Harton sitting on the front bumper of their 1923 Model T Ford. Esther is sitting and facing Carl on the right. She is wearing a thick overcoat trimmed with fur along the neck and cuffs. Carl is facing the camera, wearing a suit jacket, vest, striped tie and plaid collared shirt. His hands rest in his lap.
Danevang Cotton Gin
Copy negative of Carl Harton sitting on top of a bale of cotton in front of Danevang's cotton gin. Carl is wearing a buttoned shirt, pants, and tall boots. Other cotton bales litter the yard in front of the gin.
[Young Girl Sitting on the Foot Step of an Automobile]
Black and white photograph of Dorabell Hansen on her fourth birthday. She is sitting on the foot step of an antique model automobile with a couple of Kewpie dolls on either side of her. She is wearing a white dress, black leggings, and dark leather shoes. Directly to her right is the back driver side wheel of the car. On the back of the photograph, a handwritten note reads: "Here is a picture of our little girl and her [Kewpie] dolls the day she was 4 years old we also had her baptized that day. The wind was [too] strong that day to get a good picture."
Construction of Church
Photograph of the Danevang Lutheran Church in the early stages of construction. The major parts of the church's framework have been put in place, and a group of men are seen working on either side. There have been two large, flat wooden boards placed parallel to each other on an incline, acting, presumably, as a ramp for vehicles. There is a truck parked on the church's foundation, and a man is walking away from it to the right. A decorative border surrounds the photograph. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph indicates the photograph's donors.
Fish Fry on Matagorda Bay
Postcard of a group of men tending to a meal being prepared on the ground. Three of the men are actively engaged with various cooking utensils, while the two in the back look on. They appear to be standing in a barren landscape. There are no distinguishing landscape elements. Two names are listed on the back of the postcard, but it cannot be stated with certainty to whom they apply.
[Confirmation Class of 1914, Danevang Lutheran Church]
Black and white photograph of the Danevang Lutheran Church Confirmation class of 1914 posed for a group picture outside of an unidentified building. Everyone is formally dressed; the young women are wearing long, white dresses while the young men are wearing suits and ties. A majority of the individuals have floral boutonnieres attached to their clothing. Vines wrapped around two posts on the porch of the building are visible behind the group.
[Photograph of Church Facade]
Photograph of the front facade of a church that is preceded by a long, paved walkway with large trees flanking each side. There are a couple steps leading up to the front doorway. The church appears to be laid on a central axis. It has been built with a prominent central tower with a pyramidal spire, which has been topped with a cross. There appears to be a bell in the small, open enclosure of the tower, typical of Catholic churches. There is hand-written text in blue ink on the back of the photograph that reads, "E. Christensen".
[Altar Candleholders]
Black and white photograph of the altar in the Danevang Lutheran Church. The alter contains a pair of brass candle holders and a candelabrum on the mantel. On either side of the altar table are two smaller tables with shallow metal dishes on them. A figurine in the shape of a lamb sits at the base of the altar.
[Danevang Lutheran Church Under Construction]
Photograph of the Danevang Lutheran Church in the early stages of construction. Large parts of the church's framework have been built, and a group of men on either side appear to be in the process of affixing the foremost one to a large, horizontal beam. There is a construction truck parked in the center with a tower-like structure projecting from it. A tree is seen in the distance.
Church Bell
Color photograph of the Danevang Lutheran Church bell tower, which features a pointed roof covered in small brown shingles and a rectangular base finished in white wood siding. The bell inside, which is not visible in this photo, has been used since 1908 when the church was referred to as Ansgar Evangelical Lutheran Church. Related information has been typed on a sheet of paper; the sheet has been attached to the bottom half of the photograph.
[Confirmation Class of 1908, Danevang Lutheran Church]
Black and white photograph of the Danevang Lutheran Church's Confirmation class of 1908, posed for a group picture outside of an unidentified building. Five young women are seated on a wooden bench in front of a row of eight young men who are accompanied by their Pastor, Soren Hamburg Madsen. Each individual is wearing a hat. Most of the girls' hats have floral embellishments on them. Everyone is dressed formally. The young women are wearing white, high-neck dresses that reach to the floor; their hands are clad in gloves. The young men are wearing suits and ties and simple, brimmed hats. Pastor Madsen is the only individual that is not completely facing the camera; he is turned 3/4 of the way.
[Danevang Lutheran Church Under Construction]
Photograph of the Danevang Lutheran Church in the early stages of construction. Two major parts of the church's framework are standing. A group of men are on either side, all of whom appear to be in the process of lifting something. A truck is parked in the center, and a large metal, tower-like structure is projecting from it. The landscape that surrounds the church is barren, with a scarce amount of trees and bushes on either side of the photograph.
[Two Men in Front of Wooden Building]
Photograph of two men in front of a single-story, wooden structure with a visible, door-less entryway. The man on the left sits on top of a barrel with his legs crossed. The word "Corn" has been written on the barrel. The man on the right stands in front of the barrels with his left leg crossed over the right. Although a name has been provided, it cannot be determined with certainty to whom it applies. There are two large beams, possibly steel, on the ground to the left of the photograph. On the back of the photograph, hand-written text reads "steamfitter and my self Bill Harton [sic]".
Bill in Panama
Photograph of man identified as Bill Harton posing for the camera next to a banana plant. He wears a tilted hat, a tucked shirt, and pants. A banana cluster hangs from the plant. Bill holds the stem of the cluster with his right hand; on his left, he holds a cigarette. On the back of the photograph, hand-written text reads, "Wilhelm 'Bill' Harton Working in Panama".
Billie Ann Baumert Family
Photograph of some of the members of the Baumert family posing for the camera in front a house. Two adolescent boys dressed sharply in suits flank a woman identified as Billie Anne Baumert. She wears a belted dress, floppy hat, two-tone heels, and carries a purse. To the right of the group is a young girl carrying a purse. She also wears a hat and dress. Small bushes are dispersed in the lawn. Three windows are visible in the back. A gridded fence, doubling as an entryway, is on the far right of the photograph, where an automobile is seen in the distance past the fence. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads "Billie Ann Baumert".
Wilhelm & Phoebe Tizdale Hebo Harton wife #3
Photograph of a woman and a man, identified as Phoebe Tizdale Hebo Harton and Wilhelm Harton, respectively, posing for the camera in front of a house. The woman wears a floppy hat, a floral dress, dark heels, and is carrying a purse. The man wears a three-piece suit and hat. There are a series of small bushes lining the side of the house. There is a repeating, decorative border that surrounds the photograph. On the back, hand-written text reads, "Wilhelm 'Bill' Harton Phoebe Tizdale hebo Harton Wife #3 Taken @ Aunt Jodie's [sic]".
Four Generation Hartons
Photograph of four generations of the Harton family at a wedding celebration. Peter Harton and Stephanie Reif Harton sit on two wooden chairs wearing dark-colored formal wear, with flowers pinned to their chests. In the back, a woman identified as Billie Anne Baumert, wears a kimono-style dress. To her left, a man identified as Wilhem Harton is wearing a suit and tie, while holding a young boy identified as Richard Dean Baumert, wearing a tank and shorts. Wallpaper of a floral design covers the wall behind them. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "Four Generations. Billie Ann Harton Baumert - Richard Dean Baumert oldest/first great-gran'son held by Wilhelm Harton. Bestafa - Peter Harton, Bestamon - Stephanie Reif Harton Taken Oct. 1951 @ golden wedding celebration for Bestmon ~ Bestafa @ Danevang, Texas [sic]".
Seasons Greetings Bill & Mabel
Photograph of a man and a woman, identified as Bill and Mabel Harton, respectively, smiling in front of a series of windows. The man wears a suit and striped tie. His hands are clasped together in front of him. He holds glasses on his left hand. The woman wears a teal hat, white gloves, an embroidered cardigan, and also carries glasses on her left hand. The photograph has been printed with a textual image in Old English typeface that reads "Season's Greetings". Hand-written text on the bottom of the image reads, "Daddy + Mabel Bill Harton's 4th wife [sic]".
[Group of People in Front of an Airplane]
Photograph of a group of men, women, and children standing in front of an early airplane model. Only two of the men pictured have been identified with certainty. The man on the far left is William Harton. The one on the far right is Jens Harton. On the back of the photograph, vertical, hand-written text reads, "At Camp Mabry, Austin, Tx. July 13, 1924". Horizontal, hand-written text reads, "Bill Harton, Mildred, Uncle Louis, Joyce, Viola, Uncle Jens, Sonny".
Peter Harton Family
Photograph of the Harton family standing in front of a home with one visible window. There are five women, a young boy, and an adult man holding a baby. Three of the women on the far left stand on a wooden porch, while the rest stand on the ground in front of the home. Names have been provided but it cannot be stated with certainty to whom they apply. Hand-written text on the back of the photograph reads, "Peter Harton Family. Anna, Stephanie, Jens, Dagmar, Johanna, Bill, [cannot be read], Mona".
[Bust Portrait of Bill Harton]
Photograph of a man identified as Bill Harton. He wears a diagonally striped tie and a light-colored, textured collar shirt. Side lighting hits prominently on his left side. Hand-written text on the front of the photograph reads, "passport picture." Text going up the side reads, "Canal Zone March 25, 1944." There is hand-written text on the back of the photograph that reads "Bill Harton".