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 Collection: Texas-Mexican Presbytery Records
[Large Group Portrait Among Trees]
Photograph of a large group of Hispanic men, women, and children posing for a group portrait. The men are all wearing suits and some are wearing wide-brimmed hats. Most of the women are wearing light, high-collar long-sleeved dresses. There are two large, sprawling trees surrounding the group. There is a wide piece of masking tape on the bottom of the photograph, which is mounted on a board. There are several various stamps and markings on the back as well as two notes. The first one, which is typed, reads, "The Mex. Pres. Campmeeting in July 1905. Near San Marcos, Tex. The men seated are the Elders and Deacons Association". The second note, which is handwritten on a label, reads, "Mexican Presbyterian Camp meeting. San Marcos, Tex. July 1905. (illegible) in background".
[Commemorative Plaque on the Wall]
Photograph of an engraved plaque hung up on a tiled wall. The plaque reads: "The Synod of Texas, Award of Recognition and Merit Presented to Central Presbyterian Church San Antonio, Texas, For having Assumed Full Responsibility for its own Maintenance and Growth in the Lord, On April 1, 1953 and Thereafter, David L. Stitt, Moderator of Synod, Ruben M. Armendariz, Pastor, Presented April 26, 1953, 'Lux Lucet In Tenebris'". The Latin phrase at the bottom of the plaque translates to read, "Light Shines in Darkness".
[Group of People Visiting in Front of a Church]
Photograph of a group of well-dressed men and women visiting in front of a church. Most of the people are wearing suits and jackets, and have their backs facing the camera. There is a tree with a bicycle underneath it on the right-hand side of the image. There are several half-round windows along both the front and the side of the wood-slatted building. There is a handwritten note on the back of the photograph that reads, "Victoria 1/19/50 'going into the House of the Lord".
[Mexican Church at the Corner of a Street]
Photograph of a wood-slatted church building at the corner of a street and sidewalk. At the corner, the sidewalk turns and extends to the left-hand side of the background. It passes an old wooden house and a large brick church, which is also in the background. The tall belfry of the church is clearly visible among the power lines and poles that stretch across the image in several directions. There is a tall palm tree trunk in front of the wooden church that is parallel with the street lamp next to it. There is a handwritten note on the back of the photograph that reads, San Benito old and new churches".
[Man Gesturing Toward an Engraved Plaque on the Wall]
Photograph of a man in a suit gesturing toward a plaque that is hanging on the wall next to him. The man is facing at least three seated people who are cut off on the far right-hand side of the image. There is a large metal tabletop fan behind the man. There is a table and two large pots of flowers in the foreground on the left-hand side of the image. There is a handwritten note on the back of the photograph that reads, "Stitt unveiling plaque in San Benito. 5/3/53".