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East Texas.
This book was created to provide "authentic information concerning the natural and co-operative resources and opportunities offered by East Texas and her people" for the general public. It contains information about the "General Development in 1921-22, The Evolution of transportation and Fixing of Lower Rate Levels, The Marketing Problem Nearing Solution, Organization, Concentration and Standardization of Quality; Pack and Grade, Co-Operative Work of A. & M. College Department of Extension Service; State Agricultural Department; Markets and Warehouses Department; [and the] Chamber of Commerce in East Texas" (p. 1).
[Elementary Diploma for Florence Vinson]
Certificate issued to Florence Vinson by the Cass County, Texas Public School district. Text reads: "This Certifies that Florence Vinson has completed the Course of Study prescribed by the Board of education for the Elementary Schools which entitles the holder to this Elementary DIPLOMA and admission into the High School Department. Given at Linden, Texas, this the 30th day of May, 1931." There is an illustration of a bald eagle near the center holding a banner that says "United States of America" and a gold-colored seal in the lower-left corner near the signatures.
The Forgotton Colony: San Patricio de Hibernia: The History, the People and the Legends of the Irish Colony of McMullen-McGloin
This book discusses the history of the McMullen-McGloin Colony in San Patricio County, Texas. According to the table of contents (which starts on page ix), the book is divided into three major sections: Part I includes biographical sketches of original settlers, Part II includes an overview of the history of the settlement itself, and Part III includes stories and songs from the oral tradition.
From a southern porch, by Dorothy Scarborough.
A fictional account of Southern life by teacher, folklorist, and writer, Dorothy Scarborough.
From Texas Tables: Gourmet Recipes
Cookbook compiled by the Junior League of Dallas containing recipes organized by type; table of contents: Canapes and Hors d'Ourvres, Soups, Sea Food, Egg & Cheese, Poultry & Game, Meat, Vegetable, Typically Texas, Salad and Dressings, Desserts, For Healthy Hearts, Texas Size Parties, and Wine Information & Chart. It also includes some tips about cooking various foods and relevant quotations. Index starts after page 279.
Gammel's Rules of the Courts of Texas
A book containing Gammel's rules for the courts of Texas. Some of the court rules included are: briefing rules, Texas Supreme Court rules, Civil Appeals Court rules, Criminal Appeals Court rules, District and County Court rules, and rules for being admitted to the Bar.
A gazetteer of Texas
This book is about the geography of Texas. The geographical information in the book includes: topography and drainage, climate, forests, exploration, settlement, population, industries, and land surveys.
Geography of Denton County
This book discusses Denton County, Texas including the geography, geology, some agriculture and settlements as well as a chapter on ways that teachers can engage students in learning about the history of Denton County. Index starts on page 131.
Geologic Atlas of the United States: Llano-Burnet Folio, Texas
This atlas contains six maps from the regions around Llano, Texas and Burnet, Texas including topography, aerial geology, and structure sections. The illustrated text at the beginning of the atlas discusses the geological history of the area and gives an in-depth breakdown of the kinds of rocks and minerals as well as other features of the region including climate and vegetation.
Geologic Atlas of the United States: Uvalde Folio, Texas
This atlas contains three colored maps from the quadrangle region around Uvalde (Culberson County) and Zavalla (Angelina County), Texas including historical geography, topography, and structure sections. The illustrated text of the atlas discusses the geological elevation of the area, provides in-depth breakdown of the kinds of rocks and minerals as well as other features of the region, and includes economic geology, agriculture and cattle raising information.
Geologic Atlas of the United States: Van Horn Folio, Texas
This atlas contains three colored maps and aereal views from the regions around the Van Horn, Texas quadrangle including topography, and structure sections of the territory comprising El Paso County and Culberson County. The illustrated text of the atlas discusses the geological elevation of the area, provides in-depth breakdown of the kinds of rocks and minerals as well as the economic geology of the region, precious metals and minerals.
Geology of the Black and Grand Prairies of Texas including the Eastern and Western Cross Timbers
Geologic map shows surficial, sedimentary, crystalline, and igneous formations of the Black and Grand Prairies in Texas. Also displays topography, streams, cities, and railroads. Includes legend.
Ghost Towns of Texas
This book gives an overview of ghost towns in the state of Texas. Many of the towns are described with extended histories while others are simply noted with a statement of their locations. The book is split into four parts, according to the table of contents: Part I -- Utopia (La Reunion, Kristenstad, Bettina, Sisterdale, Panna Maria); Part II -- Religious Havens (Zodiac, Burning Bush, Kelsey, Marietta, Fairchilds); Part III -- Industrial Meccas (Thurber, Minera, Trinity City, Salado, Gibtown, Geraldine, Kellyville, New Birmingham, Albuquerque, Shafter, Tenoxtitlan, Clarksville, Aiken, Charcoal City, San Luis Pass, Bevilport, Senterfitt, Old Larissa, Nashville, Childers' Mill, Shanklin Mill, McGough Springs, Texana, Boonville, Springfield, Cincinnati, Pulaski, Tarrant, Buckner, Dresden Settlement, Chambers' Creek, Viesca); and Part IV -- Also-Rans (Other Ghosts). Bibliography starts on page 127; index starts on page 133.
Governor's Message to the 56th legislature.
A message to Texas legislature about the economics of Texas, money issues within the government of Texas, Texas legislation, and other political issues in Texas.
Governors' Messages: Coke to Ross (Inclusive), 1874-1891
This book contains a compilation of various speeches (including inaugural addresses) and other messages (including reports and veto statements) written by governors of Texas between 1874 and 1891. Additionally, brief biographies are included for each of the governors (Richard Coke, O. M. Roberts, John Ireland, and Lawrence Sullivan Ross) with the exception of R. B. Hubbard. Index starts on page 783.
Historical Geology Sheet: Texas Uvalde Quadrangle
This areal map shows the topography, contour elevations, and a breakdown of the kinds of rocks and minerals found in the Uvalde Texas quadrangle region. The map contains a legend that represents with line patterns the surface contour of the region and the kinds of sedimentary rocks and minerals from diverse geological eras.
History and Reminiscences of Denton County
This book gives an overview of Denton County including the history of various time periods and specific aspects of the area as well as reminiscences of citizens. Index starts on page 408.
A History of Collin County, Texas
This book gives an overview of Collin County, Texas. The text discusses the geography and prehistoric aspects of the county as well as the history of the people in the region (including Native American tribes and settlers). The book has a bibliography (starting on p. 279) and an index (starting on p. 283).
A History of Crosby County 1876-1977
This text is a history of various economic and social aspects of Crosby County, described on the title page as, "A collection of historical sketches and family histories composed by County Residents; compiled by the staff of the Crosby County Pioneer Memorial Museum under the supervision and with the cooperation of the Crosby County Historical Commission" (p. 1). Index starts on page 597.
A History Of Dickens County: Ranches and Rolling Plains
This book discusses the history of Dickens County, Texas. The Table of Contents breaks the book into eight portions: The Beginnings, Education, Churches, Businesses, Ranches, Farming, Miscellaneous, Family Histories. An index to family histories is on the pages after the table of contents and before the first section.
A History of Lipscomb County
A book covering the history of Lipscomb County, Texas.
A History of Lubbock
Book discusses the history of Lubbock, Texas including the physical geography of the area and the history of the people living there focusing on economics, government, education, agriculture, and other aspects of daily life. Index starts on page 642.
History of McKinney and Collin County
This pamphlet gives an overview of the history of Collin County including important people, agricultural geography, and economic aspects.
History of Mineola, Texas; "Gateway to the Pines"
This book covers the history of Mineola, located in Wood County, Texas. The book includes chapters on the original inhabitants of the city, as well as discussions about local churches, schools, business establishments, landmarks, and railroads.
History of Montague County
This book gives a history of Montague County, told through anecdotal accounts covering events that span from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s.
A History of Smith County, Texas
This thesis gives an overview of the history of Smith County, Texas. The chapters, according to the Table of Contents: Topography and Earliest Indian Life; The Cherokees; The Expulsion of the Cherokees; The Exploration and Beginnings of Smith County; Frontier Smith County, 1846-1851; The Ante-Bellum Period, 1860-1874; The Railroads and Their Influences, 1870-1900; Post Civil War Politics and Society, 1870-1900; and The Major Industrial Period.
History of the Alamo and of the local Franciscan missions
Subjective history and praise of San Antonio, Texas, and the Alamo. Includes narratives about various Texan heros.
History of the expedition of Captains Lewis and Clark, 1804-5-6; reprinted from the edition of 1814; with introduction and index by James K. Hosmer., Vol. 1
History of the expedition of Captains Lewis and Clark, 1804-5-6; reprinted from the edition of 1814; with introduction and index by James K. Hosmer.
A History Of Trinity County Texas, 1827 to 1928
This book gives a general overview of the history of Trinity County, Texas starting in 1827. According to the table of contents, the chapter subjects include topography and geography, early history, the period of depression (1860-1880), development starting in 1880, and the change from forest to farm.
A History of Tyler and Smith County, Texas
This book describes the early history of Tyler and Smith Counties, located in Texas, including information about the geography, notable individuals, government, elections, general reminiscences, as well as other relevant information. The index begins on page 161.
Home Town Recipes
Cookbook compiled by the Alpha Delta Theta sorority in Mineral Wells, Texas, containing recipes organized by type as well as reference materials including cooking times and temperatures, measurement conversions, and other information.
The Houston Story: A Chronicle of the City of Houston and the Texas Frontier From the Battle of San Jacinto to the War Between the States, 1836--1865
This book gives an overview of the history of Houston, Texas told in narrative form. The history discusses the creation of the city of Houston as well as major events in Texas history between 1836 and 1865.
Huffhines Reunion, Children of C. C. "Major" & Sallie Chick Huffhines
Photograph of the Huffhines family posing together outdoors. The five women are standing in a row with four men behind them, on a riser or bench. They are identified from left to right as (front row) Vera Huffhines Pistole, Ophie Huffhines Smith, Fannie May Huffhines, Birdie Huffhines Popplewell McCollum, Cecil Clyde Huffhines and (back row) Glen Huffhines, John S. Huffhines, Royce Huffhines, Cyrus Huffhines. Text on the back of the photo says: Vera 233B - Ophie 2339 - Fannie May 2337 married Huffhines - Birdie 2334 - Clyde 2331 married Elmo Huffhines. Glen 233A - John S. 2338 - Royce 2336 - Cyrus 2332. children of C. C. 223 Major Huffhines and Sallie Chick Huffhines, Vickery Park 1957 Huffhines Reunion 6/87 donated by Shearer & Donald Huffhines to RPL
Hurst School Eleventh Grade
picture of 11th grade class at Hurst School, 1914
["In High Places," by Gerald Balciar, 1990]
Gerald Balciar created the eagle sculpture on the UNT campus in 1990, "In High Places." This student project analyzes and documents the artwork with: photographs, a description, an account, a biography of the artist, and a bibliography. Students in the group: Natalie Curtis, Eric Flye, Matt Kim, Lalanya Sorensen, Patrice Whitten.
Indian tribes of the lower Mississippi Valley and adjacent coast of the Gulf of Mexico
Book describing various tribes of the lower Mississippi Valley and adjacent coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Includes information on: the tribes' locations; dress and ornaments; tattooing; arts and industries; economic life; medicine; birth, education, and the division of labor; games; etiquette; marriage; social organization; feasts; war; funeral ceremonies; religions; and origin of the tribe.
Initial messages of Governor W. P. Hobby to the thirty-sixth legislature, state of Texas: Jan. 14, 1919 and Jan. 22, 1919.
Message from Governor Hobby to Texas Legislature. Message is pertaining to the condition of the state, legislation, and money related issues.
The journey of Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca and his companions from Florida to the Pacific, 1528-1536
Also published by A.S. Barnes & Co., New York, 1905, in the series called The trail makers. 16558
The journey of Coronado, 1540-1542, from the city of Mexico to the Grand Canon of the Colorado and the buffalo plains of Texas, Kansas and Nebraska, as told by himself and his followers
The translations included in the present volume are found, accompanied by an historical introduction and the Spanish text of Castañeda's narrative, in the editor's The Coronado expedition, 1540-1542 (U.S. Bureau of American enthology, 14th annual report, pt. I, Washington, 1896, p. 329-613) The narrative of Castañeda is from a Spanish ms. preserved in the New York Public library. Also published by A.S. Barnes & Co., New York, 1904, in the series called The trail makers. Introduction.--Itinerary of the Coronado expeditions, 1527-1547.--Translation of the narrative of Castañeda.--Translation of the letter from Mendoza to the king, April 17, 1540.--Translation of the letter from Coronado to Mendoza, August 3, 1540.--Translation of the Traslado de las nuevas.--Translation of the Relacion del suceso.--Translation of a letter from Coronado to the king, October 20, 1541.--Translation of the narrative of Jaramillo.--Translation of the report of Hernando de Alvarado.--Testimony concerning those who went on the expedition with Francisco Vasquez Coronado. 16565
The journeys of Rene Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle
The journeys of Rene Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle published in 2 volumes. This is volume-2, as related by his faithful lieutenant, Henri de Tonty; his missionary colleagues, Fathers Zenobius Membre, Louis Hennepin, and Anastasius Douay; his early biographer, Father Christian LeClercq; his trusted subordinate, Henri Joutel; and his brother, Jean Cavelier; together with memoirs, commissions, etc. Edited with an introduction by Isaac Joslin Cox
The Land of Opportunity: West Texas
This book contains a general description of the agricultural and natural resources as well as the urban development of West Texas.
Laws Passed by the Ninth Congress, of the Republic of Texas.
This volume includes the text of acts and resolutions passed by the government of the Republic of Texas to become law. Index starts on the first page i, after page 133.
The leadership of Speaker Sam Rayburn
collected tributes of his congressional colleagues. A compilation of tributes paid him in the Hall of the House of Representatives, June 12, 1961, and other pertinent material, to celebrate the occasion of his having served as speaker twice as long as any of his predecessors in the history of the United States; sixteen years and 273 days. Prepared and printed in accordance with House Concurrent Resolution 342, passed July 20, 1961, by the Eighty-seventh Congress, first session.
Lectures and best literary productions of Bob Taylor
Lectures and best literary productions of Bob Taylor; beautifully illustrated with views from the scenes of his early life in his beloved "Happy Valley." Introductory. "A memory," by De L. Rice.--"The fiddle and the bow."--The paradise of fools.--"Visions and dreams."--"Love, laughter and song."--"Sentiment."--"The old plantation."--Dixie.--Castles in the air.--Temptation.--Uncle Sam.--Addresses Tennessee centennial.--Notable speeches.--Love letters,
Legislative Messages of Hon. James V. Allred, Governor of Texas 1935-1939
Messages from the Governor to the Legislature, including proclamations, inaugural addresses, and veto messages.
[Letter from Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna to Francisco Pizarro Martinez, June 5, 1836]
Letter from Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna to Francisco Pizarro Martinez, from Velasco, Texas.
[Letter from Atilano Sanchez to Mariano, March 13, 1857]
Transmittal of copies of documents in the reform of the Fundación de la Obra Pía; efforts to save the organization from destruction; opposition of “los principales en lo científico” Juan José Espinosa de los Monteros, Juan Francisco Azcárate, and Andrés Quintana Roó, directed by Francisco Sánchez de Tagle; mercantile opposition by Lorenzo Carrera; benefits obtained by Lorenzo Zavala for editing the “Decreto sentencia expoliatoria”; financial support given group by Francisco González Agüero; opposition of deputies and senators; provisions of benefactress' will changed; appointment of Patronos; fear of ministry of Lerdo; election of president; fear of spending of all money derived from “tratado pendiente” with the United States; effort to withdraw Jesuits from supervision of the Obra pía; denuncia made by Promotor Robledo; appeal to Pedro Escudero; “El Impreso del S. Vélez”; exclusion of Jesuits from Hacienda pública confirmed by Santa Anna in 1843; limits on amortization.
Life and adventures of "Billy" Dixon, of Adobe Walls, Texas panhandle; a narrative in which is described many things relating to the early Southwest, with an account of the fights between Indians and buffalo hunters at Adobe Walls and the desperate engagement at Buffalo Wallow, for which Congress voted the medal of honor to the survivors. Comp. by Frederick S. Barde.
Biography of Billy Dixon, detailing his life on the Texas frontier.
Life and Adventures of Sam Bass, The Notorious Union Pacific and Texas Train Robber: together with A Graphic Account of His Capture and Death--Sketch of the Members of His Band, With Thrilling Pen Pictures of Their Many Bold and Desperate Deeds, and the Capture and Death of Collins, Berry, Barnes, and Arkansas Johnson
This book is a biographical sketch of Sam Bass with an emphasis on his time as a train robber.
Life and career of Senator Robert Love Taylor (Our Bob)
Biography of Robert (Bob) Love Taylor, a senator during the 46th Congress, who later served as governor of Tennessee. It includes recollections around the Civil War and other parts of his life including his time in school and his work as a newspaper editor.
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