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 County: Collin County, TX
 Collection: Texas History Collection
Grissom sons, Jack, Murray & Park, Plano, Texas
Studio portrait of three boys, from mid-chest. Left: youngest, wearing light-colored wide-collared, buttoned shirt or romper. Center: middle in age, wearing white, long-sleeved shirt with medium stripes and dark neck-tie. Left: oldest, wearing light-colored shirt, perhaps with woven textured stripes, and dark neck-tie. Additional information: Sons of William Lee GRISSON (27 Oct 1879 AL - 29 Jan 1949 TX) and Mollie Sandifer GRISSOM (11 Jan 1882 TX - 16 Jun 1972 TX) from left to right: Jack Kendal GRISSOM (7 Jul 1911 Plano TX - 27 May 1981 Garland TX) Murray Amos GRISSOM (19 Oct 1908 Plano TX - 4 Jan 1971 Dallas TX) Park Lee GRISSOM (16 Oct 1906 Plano TX - 25 Feb 1982 Allen TX) source: "The Family of Park L. Grissom" by Mozelle Grissom, 1981 [unpublished document]
Man and woman
Unidentified couple in dress clothes. The woman has a bow in her hair and is wearing a locket. The man has on a narrow tie and a watch fob.
Man in suit
Unidentified man in a dark suit, photograph process is "Aristo Finish."
Woman in white gown
Unidentified woman in a white dress. There is a bow in her hair, and a photo cameo on her neckline with an image of a man. There is a locket around her neck, and she is holding flowers.
A Women and a Man in a Tree
A women and a man in a tree, having a picnic, "Camp Meeting Aug 2 - 03". From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney
Wood's Cafe, early 1940's, McKinney
High vantage point photo of the inside of the cafe, looking towards front door. This is a very busy lunch hour. Most of the men have either hung their hats on the wall rack or still have them on. Only two people have noticed the photographer, the rest are occupied by their meal or conversation. The door to the cafe is propped open, leaving the screen door to allow any sort of breeze in.
A Group of People in McKinney
A group of well dressed men and women in a line somewhere in McKinney. From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney.
Two Women Standing Against a Fence
Two women standing by the side of the road, up against a fence. From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney.
Country Boy Haystacks Calhoun
Haystacks Calhoun, wrestler, publicity photo, Country Boy Haystacks Calhoun. Calhoun was raised and died in McKinney, Texas. Popular in the 1950-1970s.
J.P. Crouch with Hearse, at C. R. Ritenour, Livery, Feed & Sale Store
Undertaker (perhaps J.P. Crouch) with horse drawn hearse, in front of C. R. Ritenour, Livery, Feed & Sale Store, Chestnut St, somewhere between 1880 and 1900. The undertaker is adjusting the gas lights on the carriage. The horses have fly netting on.
Three Women Peeking Over a Fence
Three women peaking over a fence. From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney.
Employee Personnel, McKinney, Texas, Texas Textile Mills
T. S. Morris, the father of the donor, was born in 1899. He lived and farmed at Rt. 5, McKinney. At night, he worked at the Mill in the weave shop and dye room. In this photo he is a short man, in overalls, with two men to his left in dark jackets. He is near the sixth window from the left.
McKinney High School Football Team 1924
McKinney High School Football team, "Season 24 or 25" (1924 team). 11 man squad. Person on far left is John David Stiff Bond, father of donor
Two Women in a Horse Drawn Cart
Two women in a horse drawn cart on a dirt road in the country.. From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney.
Three Women Sitting by the Side of the Road, Smoking Cigars
Three women sitting by the side of the road, smoking cigars.
James P. Thomas, Sr. and Ms. Rosabelle Hines
James P. Thomas, Sr. and Ms. Rosabelle Hines, "Camp Meeting Aug 2 - 03". James and his girlfriend Rosabelle sit on a rocky outcropping in a stream. James was a McKinney resident.
Buckner, The County Seat of Collin County Texas
Partial plat map of Buckner, Texas, historically the seat of Collin County, Texas. There is a key on the left listing lots and streets and a legal statement handwritten at the bottom. The map is encapsulated and has been framed; printed text at the bottom of the frame says: "Original plat of the first county seat of Collin County---Fort Buckner---drawn by the early surveyor, H. O. Hedgecoxe date 1846."
Three Women up in a Tree
Three women up in a tree. From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney.
Four Women and a Man Having a Picnic
Four women and one man sit in the shade of a tree, having a picnic, "Camp Meeting Aug 2 - 03". From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney.
Men and Women Standing in a Barn Doorway
A group of men and women standing in a barn doorway. From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney.
McKinney Junk Company, Spencer Smith Wrecking Yard, 1940
Four trucks lined up in front of Smith Auto Parts store in McKinney. The trucks range from 1920s to late 1930s. Nine men sit on top of the trucks.
Personnel, Texas Textile Mills McKinney, Texas, Frank W. Smith, Supt.
Probably WWII era, based on all the female employees, especially when compared to the other photo of the Textile Mill employees in this collection.
Three Women Sitting on a Barn Roof
Three women sitting on a barn roof, c. 1903. From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney
Four Women Sit in a Field
Four women sit in a field, "Camp Meeting Aug 2 - 03". From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney
A Man and a Woman in a Horse Drawn Buggy
A man and a woman sitting in a horse drawn buggy on a dirt street in a residential area of a city. From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney.
History of McKinney and Collin County
This pamphlet gives an overview of the history of Collin County including important people, agricultural geography, and economic aspects.
The Texarkana Gateway to Texas and the Southwest
This text gives an overview of the places and resources in Texas with an emphasis on the locations where the railroads run through the state. Indexes start on page 220.
A History of Collin County, Texas
This book gives an overview of Collin County, Texas. The text discusses the geography and prehistoric aspects of the county as well as the history of the people in the region (including Native American tribes and settlers). The book has a bibliography (starting on p. 279) and an index (starting on p. 283).
Routh Family Reunion, Routh Home, Plano, Texas
Family group, informal portrait. 5 informal rows, some faces partially hidden. 52 faces visible, some partially. One torso, far right. Children seated in front. 2 women, center, appear to be wearing dark hats or bonnets with large black ribbons. 1 man, seated, holding hat, wears eye patch on right eye. Written on back: on back: about 1938 - Routh family reunion, Routh Home - Plano. BACK ROW: Vivian S Barron, Madge Carver Barron, Cecil Thornton Barron, Stanley J Jr Mendenhall, Stanley J Mendenhall, Stanton J Barron, Haskel Roach, Jake Barron or Jimmy Rogers, Jake Barron or Jimmy Rogers, UNK, UNK, UNK, Robert Webb, Roy Patton Howell, UNK, UNK SECOND ROW: John M Campbell, UNK, UNK, Pauline Mendenhall, Bertha Mendenhall, UNK, UNK, UNK, Rosa Routh, Clara Routh, Virginia Roach, Mildred C Rogers, Julia Mendenhall, Florence Rogers, UNK, UNK, UNK, UNK BOTTOM ROW: UNK, Mary Ann Coit, UNK, Louise Rogers, all others unidentified
Henry William Coit and family, Renner, Texas
9 people standing on a steam tractor or attached gang plow. 2 women, three children, 4 men. The woman standing farthest right is veiled. The rear of the tractor is visible, in a partially plowed field. 2 women, 2 man, and 1 child (girl) are holding levers used to raise and lower the plows. Written on back of photo: Henry William Coit & family, steam tractor & plow, Renner Tex., Early 1900's. 5/24/1985 donated Henry W. Coit.
Two Women and a Thresher
Two women standing in front of a thresher in a farm field. Their horse drawn buggy is in the background. From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney.
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