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  Partner: The Williamson Museum
 Collection: Are We There Yet? Transportation in Central Texas
[Children in front of Model T]
Black and white photograph of children in front of a Model T vehicle which appears in the left side of the photo.
[Children on donkey]
A photographic (black and white) print on a card. This one depicts four children with a white donkey in front of a rough shed, trees and a fence. Children are: Harry Fisher, Morgan Vinning, Bertis Vinning, and Anna Warker. Snow the donkey.
[City Ice & Bottlng Works Wagon]
Black and white photo rimmed in white film. Large ice wagon "OUR ICE & BOTTLED GOODS,/ARE MADE OF PURE DISTILLED WATER" is printed on white sign at top of wagon of The City Ice & Bottling Works Company. Four large spoked wheels are on wagon. On side of wagon "ICE/PHONE NO. 110" are printed . "Peacock" signs are on back of wagon. Plant material is inside large blocks of ice at front and back of wagon. Dirt road and wooden barn buildings are in photo. Reins, brake on wheel and trailor pull are visible.
[City of Schwertner & Road]
Photograph of the city of Schwertner pictured around the turn of the twentieth century.
[Cotton wagon on Jonah bridge]
Photograph of a cotton wagon on the Jonah bridge over the San Gabriel River. The bridge was washed away in the 1921 flood.
[Couple in a Wagon in Andice]
Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Milt Love in wagon with horses, Gus and Ben Jacob. R&W Store which was in business from 1932-1974 can be seen in the background.
[Courthouse with Model T's out front]
Photograph of fifth and most recent Williamson County Courthouse in 1911 with Model T cars parked in front.
[Cousins at the State Fair in Dallas]
Photograph of cousins Ouida Whitefield, Ruby Howland, Grace Smith, and Marie Howland. This picture was taken at the State Fair in Dallas during the Great Depression. The girls are from Andice, TX.
[Crowd with cars gathered for Victory Day]
Photograph of the hour of Victory, November 11, 1918. Street scene of large group of men, women, and children standing in front of J. F. Martinets & Co. Store. Armistice Day.
[Delivery man with horse & buggy]
black and white photograph shows Tommy Harbert, a delivery man for the Voight and Brady grocery store in Round Rock; he holds the reins on a horse hitched to a wagon in front of a large "DRINK/ Coca- Cola" sign
[Deliveryman Standing on His Wagon]
Photograph of Clem Harvey, deliveryman for W.J. Walsh Store standing on his wagon in front of a bricked building. There is also another man dressed in white getting something from the wagon in the background.
[Downtown Taylor]
Photograph of Main Street, Taylor, looking south, during a fair parade.
[Emilee Baker Love beside car]
Photograph of Emilee Baker Love standing beside car in her wedding dress. Taken in Andice, Williamson County.
[Emzie Fisher and His Wife]
Photograph of of the soldier Emzie and Elzora Fisher in front of his car.
[Emzie Fisher on Train Holding His Son During World War II]
Photograph of Emzie Fisher on train holding son, Lester Fisher, while on furlough during World War II.
[Family by house & Model T]
Black and white photograph of a Williamson County Swedish family outside their house. A black car is parked on the right side of the photograph, and a large white house is on the left
[Family in front of old car]
Photograph of a family posing for a photograph in front of an old car.
[Family Photo with Two Cars]
Photograph of Early cars sold by Baca and Bohac Co. Henry Bohac is on the right.
[Family reunion with cars]
Photograph of Spong ("small bridge" in Swedish) family reunion, which was normally in August after crops were in. Man in white is Andrew Spong.
[Family standing in front of antique car]
Photograph of the Thompson Family posing for a photograph in front of a Ford Model A.
[Family with boy on horse in front of house]
Black and white photograph of Aaron Johnson farm. Image shows eight people total. A boy on the far left is atop a horse. There is a man in a white hat holding the horse's reins.
[Firemen Racing Team in Taylor Parade]
Photograph of Taylor parade. In the photograph there are the Fireman Racing Team from Granger on Main Street. The Brunner & William Drug Store can be seen in the background.
[First airplane in Taylor]
Sepia toned photograph of a group of men gathered around an early biplane airplane. The men are all wearing trousers, hat, and white dress shirts. Most are wearing suit jackets. The plane has a single engine with a propeller. The photograph was taken from a neighboring field and there is a barbed wire fence in the foreground. Several blurry buildings are in the background. Photo is labelled in the margin "First airoplane at Taylor"--first airplane in Taylor.
[First Car in Granger Texas]
Photograph of First car in Granger which belonged to John R. He is in the driver's seat. The girl to the right of the automobile is named Marta Bartosh.
[First Monday Trade Days, Georgetown]
A black and white image; recorded by a camera and printed on light sensitive paper. This image is of the 1st Monday trade days in Williamson County-on the square. There are at least 50-60 men gathered in front of a couple of buildings- one, "PALACE BARBER SHOP"; the other "WILLIAMSON COUNTY SUN". Several people have wagons pulled by horses. Most of the men are on foot.
[Flood on Granger Main Street]
Photograph of a flood in Granger in May 1920. Main Street, Dubil Meat Market,Trlica Photography, and Czech Moravian Brethren Church in background.
[Flooded road, Taylor]
Photograph of flood of 1921, looking west on Austin-Hutto Road, Taylor.
[Flooded streets of Granger]
Photograph of Floods in Granger. After record-setting rain, flood waters devastated many parts of the county in September 1921. This was the scene in Granger.
[Foster's Laundry with delivery truck]
Photograph of crew of women posing next to a Foster's Laundry truck and metal building.
[Four boys in front of car]
Photograph of four boys posed in front of a car.
[Four Children Posing on a Horse]
Photograph of Chester, Marie, Howard and Hershall Vaughan taking a family picture on a horse.
[Frances Cmerck & chickens with car ]
Photograph of Frances Cmerek feeding chickens near Granger.
[Frances McNeese Archer standing with car]
Photograph of Frances McNeese Archer wearing her Round Rock High School football letter sweater, and standing on a Model A in 1939. She claimed that "seven of us rode to school in that car".
[Frank Danforth's garage and Odd Fellows Building]
Photograph of Frank Danforth's Garage and Odd Fellows building. Pictured: Frank Martinets, baby Dan Martinets, E. Blaylock, Frank Danforth, and others. The building is the International Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) lodge building in downtown Granger, TX
[Fred Harrison Gin]
Photograph of the Fred Harrison gin located in Jarrell, TX in Williamson County.
[Funeral procession-Father Pridal]
Photograph of funeral of Father Frantisek Pridal on January 4, 1927. Pridal was the first Czech priest of the St. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Granger.
[Funeral procession with hearse]
Photograph of Funeral of father Frantisek Pridal, January 4,1927, with a procession from S.S. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church through Granger to Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery.
[Garage & gas pump]
Photograph of garage and gas pump. The K. T. Garage, Granger. Edward C. Sladecek had a machine shop and Chevrolet dealership in the 200 block of W. Davilla before WWII. Pictured is Mr. Sladecek and an unknown person.
A Gas Station in Thrall
Photograph of a Gas station in Thrall with an automobile parked ready for service.
[Gathering at the Round Hall Train Station]
Photograph of Round Hall located between Bartlett and Holland on State Highway 95. The Granger Picnic Band played there when it was built and continued to play there regularly.
[General store interior with buggies]
Photograph of interior of general store with buggies in Taylor.
[Gentry's Trained Animal Show in Parade]
Photograph of two elephants wearing blankets with their names on them, "Pinto' on the left and "Little" on the right. They are walking in front of the fourth Williamson County courthouse and were a part of Gentry's Trained Animal show that participated in a parade downtown.
[Gentry's Trained Animal Show in Parade]
Photograph of a decorated cart driven by horses. The side reads "Gentry's Trained Animal Show". The animal show was part of a parade that passed in front of the fourth Williamson County courthouse in downtown Georgetown, TX.
[Gentry's Trained Animal Show Wagon]
a black and white image of a man and dogs in a horse-drawn carriage mounted on decorative embossed matte; the man wears a uniform and drives the carriage in front of the fourth Williamson County courthouse; part of Gentry's Trained Animal Show
[Gentry's Trained Animal Show Wagon]
Black and white photograph of a man on a horse-drawn carriage mounted on decorative embossed matte; on the carriage "GENTRY'S TRAINED/ ANIMAL SHOW"; man is in a uniform and is driving the carriage in front of the fourth Williamson County courthouse
[Gentry's Trained Animal Show Wagon]
Black and white photograph of a carriage of animals mounted on decorative embossed matte; the carriage is driven by a man in a uniform and drawn by horses; part of Gentry's Trained Animal Show parading in front of the fourth Williamson County Courthouse; on reverse are pencil markings
[Georgetown Fire Department]
Photograph of Georgetown Fire Department and R.O. "Bob" Davis, who later became Fire Chief, in the truck second from left. Sign in the top of the photograph explains addmittance is for firemen only, violators will recieve a 5.00 fine, enforced by the Mayor.
[Georgetown Firemen on Firetruck]
Photograph of Georgetown firemen on their firetruck, including Lonnie Watkins. Left to right: Mr. Mood, George Klohey, Jeff Gordan, driver R. D. Bole Davis (Fire Chief), Pay Goodlet, Sid Peerl (standing), and M. Wilcox. Mr. Davis and his wife lived upstairs and had a sliding pole in their apartment.
[Georgetown street scene]
Photograph of Georgetown street scene.
[Girl in Bonnet with Mule]
Photograph of Girl with mule near Norman's Crossing, southeast of Hutto. Possibly Flo Thompson with mule "Ada". The mule was used to pull cotton roller to press down cotton seeds in the ground. The purpose for this was to keep the seeds from drying out.