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 County: Hardeman County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for a fountain pen that has a piston which suctions ink into the pen's barrel and feeds it to the pen-point. The pen will be sturdy with no loose parts.
Patent for improvements in poisons for prairie-dogs, a “chemical compositions adapted to destroy vermin and more particularly prairie-dogs; but it may also be used to destroy many other sorts of vermin, including birds and insects.” (Lines 12-16) Ingredients and instruction of how to mix this compound are included. No illustration.
Quilting-Frame for Sweing-Machines.
Patent for a quilting-frame for sewing-machines that "a folding tripod which is adapted to support the quilting frame, by means of a swiveled pulley connected to the handle of the frame carrying the rollers, the said pulley running backward and forward on the upper surface of a horizontal shaft which is held by means of adjustable rods, to a parallel shaft which is slidingly held to the upper surfaces of two of the tripod strips" (lines 18-26). The invention can fold compactly for storage.
Shot-Carrying Shell.
Patent for "a cartridge-shell which shall clean the barrel of the gun each time one is discharged, thereby preventing the gun becoming foul or clogged," and "which can be employed for shooting shot at long or short range." (Lines 11-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in sulkies by using materials such as curved springs, cross-bar and braces to support the body of the vehicle and making it rigid, with a sturdy frame, the sulky would vibrate freely in every direction. Illustration is included.