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 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for improvements in plows by providing “a reversible colter adapted to be applied to any style of plow; such as shovel-plows, half or turning shovels, bull-tongue, or other forms of plows. Also to provide a convenient means of attaching and detaching the plow” (lines 12-17). Illustration is included.
Patent for an improvement in plows by “employing a combined brace for the mold-board and a locking device for the share” (lines 46-48), including illustration.
Patent for an improved planting machine by securing a seed-plate with a central longitudinal slot, in the bottom of the hopper, a circular seed disk is placed into the slot; two pairs of gage-plates arranged at the front and rear end of said slot. These gage-plates can be adjusted to regulate the quantity of seeds being discharged when planting cotton. When planting corn, the rear pair of gage-plates can be brought closely together to prevent the escape of seeds. Illustration is included.
Strap and Buckle Shield.
Patent for an improvement in strap and buckle shields by having a flat elongated plate which has a longitudinally slot in the center. This shield can be movebly secured on to the strap to admit the tongue of a buckle thus the cross-bar of the buckle will rest upon the shield. By having this shield, the strap is protected from wear that would result from a direct contact with the buckle. Illustration is included.
Patent for improved “reversible hillside-plows and enable the plowshare to be rapidly changed from one side of the plow to the other and to move in front of the standard and over the foot of the same and obviate the necessity of lifting the entire plow every time it is desired to change the position of the plowshare" (lines 10-17), includes illustration.
Patent for an improvement in automatic vehicle-brakes by using sliding rods that are movable within staples or guides and a brake-bar indirectly attached to the rear axle by means of a coiled spring. When the brake bar moves forward, it forces the break-shoes from contacting the wheels. When the brake bar moves backward, it forces the brake-shoes into contact with the wheels, thus stopping the vehicle. Illustration is included.
Mosquito-Canopy Frame.
Patent for an improved mosquito canopy frame using two different forms of locks and metal loops with screws or nails to increase the strength of the parts which “insure easy attachment and detachments of parts and at the same time preserve a close joint” (line 100-102), includes illustration.
Patent for an improvement in plows by using a series of spring-tines that are secured above the mold-board, when in operation these independently-moving tines “serve to jar and break the clods, thus not only pulverizing the clods to a certain degree but also insuring the freeing of the tines of all dirt” (lines 90-93), including illustration.
Cotton-Stalk Puller.
Patent for an improved machine for pulling cotton-stalks by making “the pulling-wheel turned in a direction to cause its side engaging the cotton-stalks to move rearwardly or in a direction opposite to that in which the machine is advancing” (lines 87-91), illustration is included.
Patent for a bottle holding case using wires to encircle the inner groove of the case as re-enforcement, then use metal bands or wires woven around the encircling wires; these metal bands or wires would then wove around the necks and bodies of the bottles to secure the bottles inside the case. Illustration is included
Mechanical Movement.
Patent for a mechanical movement using a crank to operate the lazy-tongs through the medium of a pitman, guided by a pair of parallel wires and, a reciprocating bar guided by a socket to produce the reciprocating motion. Illustration is included.
Patent for an improvement of a corn-planter using a combinations of, a rotary seed plate that has a circumferential series of perforations, a spherical weight or ball acts as ejector, and a hopper that has a circular opening on the bottom to work together “to prevent too large quantities of seed from entering the seed-cups, but which shall also serve to forcibly eject the seeds at the proper time” (lines 19-22), illustration is included.
Net for Crabbing and Fishing.
Patent for a new and improved net for fishing and crabbing by using a trigger device that would automatically open the net’s “free end” fully and horizontally when the net is lowered on the bed floor of the river. After use, the net can be folded very compactly for easy transport. Illustration is included.
Wall and Ceiling Polish.
Patent for an improvement of a polish mixture for wall and ceiling which is water-proof and has a glossy finishes; instructions and ingredients for the mixture are included, no illustration.
Grain-Conveyer for Binders, &c.
Patent for improvements in grain conveyers by using a slotted platform with parallel walls on the sides, a conveyer-block having arms and friction-rollers that is moved by an endless chain in between the walls, a lever keyed on a shaft and two gears in constant mesh with each other; all these parts working together to creating a mechanism that drives the conveyers in either direction to accomplish the binding of the grains. Illustration is included.
Fountain Attachment for Inkstands.
Patent for a new and improved fountain attachment for inkstands by using a hollow float, having a central vertical aperture on the bottom, the float is placed in a vessel filled with ink. After ink is being drawn from the hollow opening of the float, the float is forced into an uppermost position thus closing the vessel to prevent the air from passing the ink contained in the vessel. The ink is confined in an air and dust proof stand, which can be easily cleaned. Illustration is included.
Apparatus for Scouring Water-Ways.
Patent for an improved apparatus for scouring water-ways by using water-discharge pipes and air-discharge pipes arranged at each side of the vessel. When “vessel is slowly moved forward while the water and air forcing pumps are working,..... direct force of the water-jets and air-jets will agitate and scatter and lift the dislodged particles and float them much higher and longer than would be the case were the water-jet pipes alone used.” (Lines 63-75) Illustration is included.
Railroad-Track Lifter.
Patent for improvement in railroad-track lifters by using “the combination of a base, a upright, a lever and two pawls engaging notches of the upright” (lines 97-99) and “hand mechanism for operating the pawls,” (lines 1-2, p. 2) for easily raising sections of railway-track. Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in tire tighteners by using wedges with longitudinal ridges, longitudinal tapering ridges or webs, together “with a wheel-rim, clamps arranged in pairs upon each side of the felly-joint, the clamps consisting of plates have a fluted or corrugated inner surface …., the extension of the registering plates being connected by transverse bolts.” (lines 37-45) Illustration is included.
Convertible Mop and Brush.
Patent for improvements in convertible mops and brushes by using a “combination of the fountain-handle, the bail/frame secured thereto and provided with a rubber strip at its lower edge, and the mop secured to the bail/frame.” (Lines 3-7, p.2) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in brackets that used to support shelf or for other purposes by using a combination of hinged brackets, a longitudinal wire formed with bends to receive the inclined portions of the brackets, and with hooks at its outer ends; this improved brackets “can be folded in close contact with the shelf, so as to occupy little space for shipment or storage.” (Lines 17-19) Illustration is included.
Rub-Iron for Wagon-Beds.
Patent for improvements in rub-irons for wagon-beds by “placing a [rub]-roller at the point of the wagon-bed with which the wheels come in contact when the wagon is turned." (Lines 23-25) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvement in axles by using a “combination of a bar, two skeins and means for holding the skeins in place upon the bar,” (lines 17-18) includes illustration.
Piston for Pneumatic Pumps.
Patent for improvements in pistons for pneumatic pumps by using a combination of a tubular shell, a cylindrical valve, a conical aperture and a conical projection to fulfill the conditions required of a piston in pumps. Illustration is included.
Spark-Arrester for Smoke-Pipes.
Patent for improvements in spark-arresters for smoke-pipes by using a “combination of a bent smoke-pipe having one complete turn downward, a cinder-piper opening into the lowest portion of said turn, and a coarse wire screen titled backward and overhanging said turn, a receptacle having a slanting bottom hinged at the upper end and secured at the lower end by means of a chin passing over a suitable roller and leading to the rear of the boiler,” (p. 2, lines 20-28) illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in coops for fowls and other birds by using a combination of a cage with a door having a depending leg, a post and a lever for raising and lowering the cage; the cage door is “automatically opened when lowered and closed as it is raised,” (lines 75-76) "so that the young will be out of danger from attacks of rodents, collecting water, &c...," (lines 22-23) includes illustration.
Window-Curtain Holder.
Patent for improvements in window-curtain holders,in which the curtain holder has a upper and a lower socket, “with the lower socket having a central opening and mounted on a base-plate, of the upper socket having a side opening and mounted on a base-plate, and the U-shaped clasp pivoted at its lower end in the lower socket and having its upper end laterally bent and designed for insertion in the side opening of the upper socket” (lines 84-92). The curtains would be retained and giving them the proper draping and prevent them from flapping and tearing, includes illustration.
Patent for improvements in car-couplings by providing "a coupler which will without any adjustment couple two cars whose draw-heads are of different heights.” (lines 17-19) Illustration is included.
Shirt-Starching Machine.
Patent for improvements in shirt-starching machines by using a combination of a shirt holding device having an oscillatory motion for one-fourth of a full revolution, and a semi-cylindrical starch-holding receptacle with longitudinal rubber bottom; when the shirt-holder is turned, shirts are crowded into the compartments, with the bosoms and wristbands hanging outside. When the door is closed, shirt-bosoms and wristbands are thoroughly starched. Illustration is included.
Fastener for Fish-Plates for Rails.
Patent for improvements in fasteners for fish-plates for rails by using a combination of fish-plates, washers placed in between the plates and rail, a slotted bolt, a wedge-shaped key with thin bendable portion and a washer on the bolt between the key and fish-plate to “firmly hold the plates in position but will serve to deaden the noise caused by the fractional contact of the parts,” (lines 18-20) includes illustration.
Tobacco Substitute.
Patent for an improvement in tobacco substitutes, by using a combination of ingredients that “will completely destroy all desire for tobacco and thus enables them to discontinue its use without any of the inconvenience or suffering,” (lines 18-21) ingredients of the compound are included. No illustration.
Patent for improvements in thill-couplings by using a combination of forward extension arms, having each near its forward end, circular shoulders, adapted to engage the ends of the shaft-iron; the spring-catch for holding the lever arm in locking position and, for retracting arm when the catch is released. Illustration is included.
Patent for an improved animal trap for “catching small animals in a trap which will be ever set and in operative position for catching an animal and which will be automatically reset” (lines 10-13), illustration is included.
Patent for an improved garbage-furnace which consist of a chamber having a grate for the reception of the garbage, a fire-box at each end, and a sand-box between the fire-boxes below the grate, grate-bars are arranged over the fire-boxes and extending from the bridge-wall, when the fire-boxes are ignited, garbage is introduced through the feed holes, the smoke, gases, fumes & etc. from the burning fuel and the garbage passed through a channel leading to the chimney. Illustration is included.
Wood-Working Machine.
Patent for improvements in wood-working machine by using a combination of a toothed bar, a retractable slotted bar, a weight attached to the frame and a revolving wheel. With each single revolution of the drive-wheel, the slotted "bar is fed forward the distance of one tooth, and thus the cutter is gradually embedded in the material being operated upon at the same time it is rotated at a high rate of speed," (lines 94-97) illustration is included.
Patent for a rein-holder that is made with one piece of metal which can be attached to the dash-board of a vehicle, includes illustration.
Patent for improvements in harrows which can be “adapted to be reversed for pulverizing and leveling the surface traversed, to avoid evaporation as far as possible, and place the ground in the best condition for the travel of harvesters and other machines in gathering crops” (lines 9-14), illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in car-couplings by using a combination of “a rod pivoted at its front end to the side of the draw-head and pivotally connected at its rear end..... when the draw-head is driven to the rear by the force of the blow received in coupling with another draw-head, the lug will be pressed to the front,” (lines 30-40) illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in bank-protectors by “providing doors, windows, and other openings with suitable metallic shields that may be readily placed in position by a slight movement of the hand or foot of the operator” (lines 19-23), illustration is included.
Patent for “improvements in grain-scales, especially adapted for location at the rear end of a trashing-machine and for receiving therefrom the thrashed grain, weighing and subsequently bagging the same in predetermined quantities” (lines 7-12), includes illustration.
Patent for combination-plow by providing a plow with “interchangeable parts, whereby the same may be used as a double-foot plow, a middle-breaking plow adapted for deep and shallow running and a sweep-stock” (lines 10-13), includes illustration.
Patent for improvements in spark-arresters for locomotives in “which [it] will prevent the sparks and cinders from falling upon the train and upon surrounding lands and buildings;” (lines 10-12) by using a combination of a curved smoke-stack, a cinder-box, conducting pipes and an ash pen. Illustration is included.
Patent for an improvement in milk-coolers “in which water is drawn by capillary attraction from a receptacle placed above the milk-receptacle onto a cloth wrapped around the latter, thus cooling the milk by evaporation.” (Lines 8-12) Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in a combined sash balances and fasteners, using two sashes, a rotatable shaft, a ratchet and a friction-wheel; all these parts work together “to simplify the means whereby one sash is made to balance the other and by which either sash may be adjusted without disturbing the other.” (Lines 16-19) Illustration is included.
Construction of Privy-Vaults.
Patent for an improvement of privy-vaults using a soil-pipe with sleeve adapted to be connected with the trap-door of the vault-floor into an air-chamber where a ventilating-pipe is placed directly above a furnace; the noxious gases along with the products of combustion in the furnace would be drawn from the air-chamber and carried off to the outer air. Illustration is included.
Single-Seed Planter.
Patent for a single-seed planter using “grasping-jaws pass through the seed box …to gather a seed and carry it to the discharge tube or place of deposit" (lines 9-12), illustration is included.
Combined Cotton and Corn Planter.
Patent for a combined cotton and corn planter by having two wheel guards and graduators, one feed-wheel is mounted fixedly on the shaft, the other is removable; so that it can be easily converted from planting corn or cotton-seed, and vice versa, and regulating the planting of either. Illustration is included.
Patent for an improvement of harness and shaft-tugs by providing a sleeve to fit the tug closely, a bolt to secure the tug and a strap clamps to the shaft; for the purpose of limiting the movement of the tug. Illustration is included.
Patent for an improved lawn mower by having a cutter-bar and finger-bar work together to cut grass that close to trees, fences and or other obstructions, including illustration.
Patent for an improvement in rivet-sets which having various sizes of holes and cavities for cutting and setting; it can be riveted by hand or machine. Illustration is included.