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 County: Grayson County, TX
 Month: February
 Collection: Texas Patents
Quilting-Frame for Sewing-Machines.
Patent for a quilting frame for sewing machines in which the frame would support the quilt in desired position, the frame is designed to move freely in any direction so that any pattern can be quilted on the article held by the frame. This frame can be easily adapted to the feed of any sewing machine. Illustration is included.
Binder for Paper Tablets.
Patent for improvements for tablets for blank paper, leterheads, etc. that holds content securely, including illustrations.
Patent for improvements to churns, "and has special reference to what are known as 'vibrating-dasher' churns." (lines 11-12) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Train-Marker and Signal-Lamp.
Patent for a train-marker and engine signal-lamp meant to "provide a lamp in which the light may be differently colored and the change of color may be effected in an expeditious and convenient manner without the necessity of opening the lamp" (lines 10-14). It also provides "a guard or slide, whereby the opening through which the adjusting device passes may be closed, so as to prevent the wind from entering the body of the lamp and interfering with the flame" (lines 15-20). The lamp is meant for railroads and has two or more lenses, and is durably and inexpensively constructed. One color of light can be shown from the front and back and another from the sides.
Improvement in Rotary Churns.
Patent for an improvement of the churn that is, "within a square wooden box, of a rotating dasher or paddle, and the mechanism for driving the same, that various parts being constructed, arranged, and operated" (lines 20-24). Illustrations included.
Improvement in Presses.
Patent for new improvement in press, including illustration.