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 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for a simply, durably, and efficiently constructed plow-stock that "will admit of changes being made in an expeditious and convenient manner to facilitate the grouping of the shares or plows to be carried by the stock" (lines 11-14).
Apparatus for Handling Brick.
Patent for an apparatus for handling brick "whereby the number of brick handled by a single hand may be greatly increased" (lines 9-11) including illustrations.
Patent for brick-kilns to "provide means for burning bricks in a much shorter time and more effectively than is possible with usual constructions, and, further, to protect the kiln-walls against the injurious effects of heat" (lines 9-13).
Wagon Brake
Patent for an improvement in wagon brakes
Flushing Apparatus.
Patent for a flushing apparatus to be used to flush tanks that are normally kept empty. It is also "an improved siphon for emptying the tank, and also an improved mechanism for starting the siphon" (lines 22-24).
Seat - Action Flushing Apparatus.
Patent for certain new and useful improvements in seat-action flushing apparatus. This design is to "provide a cistern into which the water is admitted only when the seat is occupied" (line 14-17).
Water-Closet Cistern.
Patent for improvements in water closet cisterns: "which are normally empty to prevent freezing and which are only filled just before the flush is desired" (lines 14-16).
Stalk - Cutter.
Patent for a new and useful improvements in stalk-cutters to "provide a simple, light, and durable machine by means of which three rows of stalks may be cut in one passage of the machine across the field" (line 13-16).
Patent for "car-couplers of the class known as 'link-and-pin' couplers, and has for its object the provision of means whereby the coupling is effected automatically and whereby the coupling-pin is made to actuate the brake-shaft" (lines 14-19).
Ironing Table.
Patent for a new and improved ironing board. This design consists in "the rigid supporting-frame of an ironing-table, a cross-piece secured to the outside of the upper ends of the supports at one end of the frame, so that its upper edge shall project above the supports, an ironing-board top hinged to one side of the cross-piece, and a shelf secured to the upper edge and projecting to the opposite side of said cross-piece" (lines 86-94).
Kitchen Utensil.
Patent for a kitchen utensil that can be used for washing dishes, scraping cooking vessels, and cleaning ornamental glass and silver.
Book Adjuster.
Patent for a new and improved book-adjuster. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with the holder having the horizontal longitudinal recess and the vertical screw-threaded aperture, of the base-piece, the adjusting-screw swiveled at its lower end in the said base-piece, and the spring-catch" (lines 3-8).
Copy Holder.
Patent for a new and improved copy-holder. This design "is [for] an improved copy-holder intended especially for holding deeds when being transcribed to the records, and seeks to provide a simple, inexpensive construction by which the deed may be held and to and from which the deed or other paper may be adjusted without difficulty, such construction serving also to mark or indicate the particular line of the paper being copied" (lines 7-15).
Patent for a new and improved plow. This design consists in "[t]he combination, with a plowshare, of cutting-knives secured to the rear end thereof and extending rearwardly therefrom in an upward direction, and a bar connecting the mold-board and landside and arranged below the cutting knives" (lines 68-73).
Improvement In Corn And Cotton-Seed Planters.
This patent is an upgraded corn and seed planter machine that plants corn, cotton, and other types of seeds for mass production. The machine is aligned with the surface of the ground. It does not converse with the plows that are attached to it, freeing up the machine to release seeds proficiently with ease.
Patent for a hose nozzle with increased capacity and efficiency. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a snap hook in order to "provide a hook of simple construction that shall be securely locked when in use" (p. 2)
Steam, Air, or Water Engine.
Patent for simplifying the construction of steam-engines allowing them efficiently use the power of steam" gas, vapor or air in varying positions, vertical, horizontal, or inclined.
Patent for a new and improved rotary engine. This design consists "of a wheel provided with radially-sliding pistons and revolving within a fixed circumferential steam-chest, and having fixed on its axle an eccentric and spring, that operate to throw the pistons or floats outward to receive the pressure of the steam or other motor that is to drive the engine" (lines 19-26).
Patent for a new and improved saddle. This design "consists in a rubber or other elastic seat having a thick central portion with tapering thin edges and a leather covering for the same" (lines 9-11).
Improvement in Combined Planter and Cultivator.
Patent for "a simple, practical combined planter and cotton and corn cultivator, which shall be easily adjusted and operated, and shall be cheap and durable" (lines 11-12). The patent includes instructions and an illustration.
Improvement in Cotton-Cultivator.
Patent for improvements in cotton cultivators.
Air Compressor for Deep Well Pumps.
Patent for a new and improved air-compressor. This design "relates to improvements in air-compressing mechanism for the purpose of pumping for forcing from deep wells and performing similar work; and it consists in the construction and arrangement of a larger and smaller air-cylinder, and the combination therewith of mechanism to force the air from the larger into the smaller cylinder to increase the air-pressure in the latter" (lines 22-30).
Life Raft.
Patent for boat state rooms that convert into life rafts.
Patent for a new and useful car coupling, including instructions and illustrations.
Revolving Target.
Patent for "a revolving target of improved and simplified construction" (lines 15-17), with instructions and illustrations.
Corn and Cotton Scraper.
Patent for a new and improved corn and cotton scraper. This design "is to provide an improved corn and cotton scraper for turning or shovel plows for the cultivation of cotton, corn, and other plants, which is adapted to be attached to the beam of the plow without weakening the same by cutting or boring. The scraper is so arranged as to be adjusted either to the right or left, as desired, and up and down, on a central slotted foot-piece, by means of which the line of draft on the blade of the scraper is at all times the same as that on the beam of the plow" (lines 14-25).
Patent for a tile pipe molder that "expeditiously and cheaply make subirrigating pipe right at the side of the ditch where it is to be laid" (lines 10-13).
Corn - Cotton Planter
Patent for...adjustable corn, cotton or seed planter.
Seed-Planter Attachment.
Patent for "seed-planter attachments; and it has for its object to provide a new and useful machine of this character adapted to simultaneously plant two rows of corn, cotton, or other seed at any desired distance apart and to also provide means for marking the third row at any width from the planter." (Lines 8-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Bag Holder and Filler.
Patent for a new and improved bag holder and filler. This design "consists of an expansible bag holding and filling funnel composed of a metallic strip having overlapping edges and provided with attached spring-wires, such funnel being capable of contraction to enter a bag, and of expanding therein for the purpose of holding and filling the bag" (lines 13-19).
Improvement in Car-Couplings.
Patent for an improvement to car couplings which would "obviate the necessity and its attendant danger of going between the cars" (lines 17-18) including an illustration.
Improvement for Axle-Boxes for Vehicles
Patent for an improvement in axle-boxes for vehicles which incorporates an adjustable tube that may take up the wear on its ends.
Improvement in Axles for Vehicles
Patent for "an Improvement in Wagon-Axle Skeins" that "has for its object to furnish an improved iron axle for wagons and other vehicles which shall be stronger without being heavier than iron axles made in the ordinary manner."
Improvement in Whiffletree-Fastenings.
Patent for the improvement of whiffletree fastenings, relating to the means by which single-trees are attached to a double-tree. It includes a description and illustration.
Oil Press Mat.
Patent for a new and improved oil press mat. This design "is to flexibly connect the metal plates or leaves of a three-leaved oil-press mat in such manner that when the mat with the bags of meal interposed between its leaves is subjected to pressure for the purpose of expressing the oil the parallelism of the leaves will be maintained and endwise shifting of the same prevented. A further object is to provide a fastening . . . which shall be stronger, more durable, and more positive in its functions" (lines 31-41).
Apparatus for Barreling Soap-Stock.
Patent for "an apparatus for filling barrels with soap-stock or other thick liquid of similar consistency, the object being to provide a machine whereby the barrels may be filled quickly through the bung-hole." (Lines 12-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a banana case to "provide a case or crate in which bananas may be readily packed and transported without injury to the fruit."
Wire Stretcher.
Patent for a new and improved wire stretcher. This design consists in "a frame having two arms, one carrying a fixed clamp and the other a roller, a windlass mounted on said frame having a rope passing over said roller and adapted to be fixed to an end of wire, and a central clamp consisting of a rigid bar on the frame between its arms, a notched clamp pivoted thereon, and a ring for retaining the clamp" (lines 6-14).
Patent for a new and improved velocipede. This design "has relation to that class of velocipedes in which the rider is suspended within a large wheel impelled by a frictional contact between the inner periphery of the same and the driving wheel" (lines 8-12). With this design, "by the increased size of wheel, not only is speed gained, but the same may be propelled with greater ease over rough or smooth roads and with greater comfort to the rider, in that the jolt is less, and yet at the same time all the benefits arising from this class of exercise are obtained" (lines 27-34).
Farm Gate.
Patent for a new and improved farm gate. This design consists "[i]n a swinging-gate, the combination of a plate provided with notches upon its upper outer end and connected to the upper end of the inner gate-post, a lever pivoted to the plate and connected with the upper pintle of the gate, a latch pivoted to the lever and extending down through a slot therein to engage with the notches in the plate, and suitable cords and pulleys for operating the latch and lever" (lines 17-26).
Improvement in Combined Lint-Room and Cotton-Presses.
Patent for the improvement of lint-rooms and cotton presses, including a description and illustrations.
Improvement in Seed-Planters.
Patent for improvement of planters.
Combined Planter, Chopper, And Cultivator.
Patent for a new and useful improvement in "combined cotton planters, choppers, and cultivators" (line 9-11).
Cotton - Bale Ties
Patent for tying the ends of cotton bale wires or bands.
Hopper for Leaching Ashes.
Patent for improved ash-hopper that is composed of suitable frame, two side boards, two triangle end boards that can be used to improve leaching ashes.
Combined Flour and Meal Bin and Sifter.
Patent for a combined flour and meal bin sifter meant for the kitchen. The amount of flour or meal put into the machine does not matter, and the sifter may be removed when desired. The sifted material is directed into a container, and the end of the chute can be closed when not in use.
Improvement in Car-Journal Boxes.
Patent for the improvement in car-journal boxes. This invention "relates to oil-boxes used upon journals of car-axles, the object being to prevent the lid from shaking off of the oil-stop or oil-packing surrounding the axle to be removed and replaced by a new one without removing the box from the journal."
Car Door Fastening.
Patent for a new and improved car-door fastening. This design "consists in a novel construction and arrangement of a staple, a hook-hasp, key, and a key-plate, whereby several advantages are obtained . . . for securing the sliding doors of box-cars and other railway-cars" (lines 8-14).
Patent for an improved and simple churn that works easily and quickly. It "is adapted to permit of the simultaneous securing and retention of the cream vessel or receptacle in position in its journaling or carrying frame, as well as the cover upon said vessel, and to provide for the ready removal of said vessel or receptacle and its said cover preparatory to removing the contents of the vessel or the cleaning thereof" (lines 18-25).