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 County: Jefferson County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Mode of Straining Saws by Atmospheric Pressure.
Patent for the improvement of the reciprocating saw by simplifying the arrangement of cylinders, pipes, and exhaust pumps to produce the necessary vacuum, including illustration.
Improvment in Steam-Plows.
Patent for one machine that plows, sows, roles and harrow soil in one operation or separately, including illustrations.
Improvement in Drawing Off Tallow, Lard &c., from Rendering-Tanks.
Patent for a new method for drawing off tallow, lard, etc. from pressure tanks by introducing water. This includes illustrations.
Improvement in Jack-Screws and Clamps Combined.
Patent for an invention "to combine a jack-screw or lifting-jack with a clamp, so that they may be interchangeably used." (Lines 19-21) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Windmills
Patent for the improvement of wind mills, that includes a detailed description as well as labeled figure drawings.
Improvement in Shingle-Bolting Machines.
Patent for a shingle-bolting machine.
Improvement In Percussion-Shells.
This patent was created for individuals to be able to hit an object with the instrument and the oject immediately explodes on impact. It then produces an excessive amount of explosions. The invention is made out of shells with sections assembled together infused with different substances, and connected by a fuse.
Pan Lifter and Turner.
Patent for a pan lifter and turner using a bent handle, a curved plate is secured at the end of the bent handle; extending upward from the curved plate with a series of teeth to engages the crimped rim of a pan for lifting. At both ends of the curved plate provided with curved notches or recesses to receive and engage the rim of a pan for turning. Illustration is included.
Mill-Carriage-Wheel Guard.
Patent for a new mill-carriage-wheel guard "to prevent obstruction falling on the wheels or on the [railroad] track, this guard also carries scrapers in front and in rear and on each side of the wheel, whereby the obstructions are scraped off the track." (Lines 23-28) This guard can be used with a wood-working machine carriages and/or rail.” Illustration is included.
Patent for improvements in feed-troughs in which a controlled amount of feed can be placed in a feed box, and in which the latter will be fed as rapidly as consumed and the unconsumed feed will be protected. (Lines 11-14) Illustration in included.
Trunk-Strap Fastener.
Patent for a device "whereby a trunk-strap after having been tightly drawn around a trunk or other article of baggage can be fastened without the use of the usual buckle," (lines 10-14) including instructions and illustrations.
Refuse-Carrier Frame.
Patent for a support frame for devices that carry refuse from the saw mill to the burning pile, with instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improved car couplings "of the Janney type, capable of readily coupling on short curved, and adapted to be either coupled or uncoupled without going between cars. A further object of the invention is to provide means whereby the parts may be readily set for automatic coupling, or to prevent coupling." (Lines 13-20) Includes instructions and illustrations.