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 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for knee pads that are "simple, inexpensive, and durable, and which is so constructed as to hold the knee of the user in an elevated position above the ground or other surface upon which the pad may be placed, thereby preventing the knee contacting with the ground or other surface and causing injury to the knee (lines 10-17).
Patent for improvements in harnesses through the accommodation of "varying positions of the animal with respect to the shafts or thills, so as to remove all strain from and upon the shafts and the saddle, while at the same time effectively supporting the shafts and preventing the slipping of the same up and down upon the sides of the animal."
Patent for a scraper to be mounted on a vehicle for the purpose of removing mud from a wheel. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in beehives: "invention is to improve the construction of beehives and to provide a simple and efficient one, which will permit food to be readily supplied to the bees when desired and enable the apiarian to have him to cut bee entrances to the same." (lines 9-15).
Patent for a tool that is comprised of a hammer, wrench, staple puller, wire cutter, and a claw. Includes illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved Cotton Chopper, which explains what it is used for and what the new improvements are.
Patent for a new flower pot with metal siding and a removable bottom, including illustrations.
Gin-Saw-Filing Machine.
Patent for a mechanism to sharpen the blades of a gin saw. Includes illustrations of the device.
Patent for improvements in in bottles: "it consists, essentially, of a hexagonal or analogous polygonal shaped body having dip cups arranged adjacent to one and thereof at such angles as to regulate the flow by turning the body and bringing it to bear on different bases." (lines 12-17).
Unicycle Road and Racing Sulky.
Patent for a one-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle, with illustrations.
Automatic Blast-Generator.
Patent for "a new and improved automatic blast-generator designed for the use of jewelers, dentists, and other persons, and arranged to produce a steady and uniform blast and to permit of increasing or decreasing the force of the blast as required, according to the nature of the work on hand." (Lines 9-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Bale-Tie Machine.
Patent to for a machine to make and count bale-ties, " manufacture at small cost machines which will be compact, not taking up much space, and which will e simple in construction and durable" (lines 10-13). It includes an extensive explanation and illustrations.
Patent for "improved means for detachably connecting blinds to bridles, whereby the bridle may be used with or without the blinds," and also "to provide a combined double box-loop and blind." (Lines 13-17) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a combination tool that is "adapted without changing any of its parts to operate as a nut and pipe wrench, pliers, hammer, screw-driver, and nail-extractor." (Lines 12-15) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "a simple and effective tool designed especially for wire-fence working and combining in a single implement a hatchet, nail-claw, staple-puller, wire kinker or twister, and wire-cutter." (Lines 13-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Fan Attachment.
Patent for an automatic fan that attaches to a rocking chair or cradle and rotates as the chair or cradle rocks. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in wire fences: "the invention residing particularly in the mechanism for tightening the linewires of the fence and in an improved stay for preventing the sagging of said linewires" (lines 12-15)
Patent for a planter "especially designed for planting seed and preparing the ground in advance of the opener, so as to remove weeds, trash, and other foreign matter from the path of the shovel preparing the furrow to receive the seed." (Lines 9-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Protecting Alarm-Circuit.
Patent for a circuit to be connected to a security alarm so that when the circuit is broken, the alarm will sound. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Quilting Attachment for Sewing-Machines.
Patent for a support for quilting frames that can be attached to a sewing machine. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Refrigerator Shipping-Box.
Patent for a "new and useful Improvement in Shipping Boxes" (lines 5-6) including instructions and illustrations.
Rod-Coupling Device.
Patent for a rod-coupling device, "to provide a simple, convenient, and effective device for the pump plunger-rods of windmills and the like" (lines 12-15). Includes instructions and illustrations.
Trussed Axle for Wheeled Vehicles.
Patent for improvements in trussed axle for wheeled vehicles: "The invention relates to that class or type of axles for wheeled vehicles wherein a metal truss rod or bar running longitudinally under the axle body has its end portions extended through the axle skeins and secured by screw nuts which abut the outer ends of the skeins." (lines 9-14).
Bale-Band Tightener
Patent for a bale-band tightener, for "baling-presses; and its object is to provide a new and improved bale-band tightener which is simple and durable in construction and arranged to permit the operator to conveniently place the bands in position and fasten the ends together after the bale is pressed." (Lines 7-13)
Cotton Chopper and Cultivator.
Patent for a machine that allows the user to simultaneously cut down and plow cotton, or perform either task separately. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improved grain separators or threshing machines "whereby vibrating straw-racks will be entirely dispensed with and the machine so simplified as to obviate the heavy jars and jerks of most grain-separators or threshing machines, while at the same time providing a construction of machine that will effectually separate the grain from the straw and will also keep the feeding end of the machine entirely free from dust, which is often a serious drawback to the operation of most machines of this character." (Lines 11-21) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Propeller for Churns
Patent for propellers for churns, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for improvements in roller bearing for vehicles.
Patent for a tool that can be used for fence construction by stretching the wires to the desired tension, or for repairing fences by crimping the slack in the wires. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a fence-wire stretcher with an improved clamping device for holding the wire after it has already been drawn. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Patent for "improvements in cotton-gins, and more particularly to that class of saw-gins in which the brush-cylinder is dispensed with and a combined suction-fan and doffer employed to remove the lint from the gin-saws; and the object is to simplify the construction and at the same time increase the effectiveness of this class of gins." (Lines 11-18)
Improvement in Cotton-Hoes.
Patent for improvements in cotton hoes: "such as are employed in thinning cotton and other plants" ( lines 16-17).
Patent for automatic car-couplings, including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved car coupling of the Janney type that increases "efficiency in service and enable[s] an operator at the side of the train to readily and with safety set the improved car-coupling to disconnect it from another of the same style" (lines 11-14), including instructions and illustrations.
Patent for a new and improved lock which includes "certain novel constructions, combinations, and arrangement of parts" (lines 11-13) as well as illustrations and instructions.
Muzzle for Stock.
Patent for "weaning and grazing muzzles for stock, the object in view being to provide a muzzle adapted when the head of the animal is elevated to remain closed and when the head of the animal is lowered to open, and thereby permit grazing." (Lines 9-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Apparatus for Stretching Fence-Wires.
Patent for a portable manually operated apparatus that is designed to stretch wire-fence strands at right angles to tighten the full length of the strand without "kinking or twisting the fence-strand or driving staples or analagous fastenings into the fence-post" (lines 16-21) while the fence strand is tight. Includes instructions and illustrations.
Cotton-Baling Apparatus.
Patent for the "improvements in cotton-baling apparatus or compresses of that type in which the cotton is received directly from the gin or gins" (lines 13-16) including illustrations.
Marking Tag
Patent for marking tags (price tags) for garments and/or fabrics for sale. The design is meant to reduce missing, torn, or frayed marking tags. Illustrations and instructions included.
Patent for improvements in needles: "is to provide a ready means for cutting to the twine, thread, or cord carried by a needle" (lines 15-17).
Trolley Wire Hanger.
Patent for new and improved trolley wire hangers to "provide a clamp for trolley-wires which may be easily and quickly adjusted by one not particularly skilled in the art" (lines 24-27), including instructions and illustrations. This clamp is also designed to keep broken insulator bolts from damaging the trolley and span wires.
Patent for improvements in wire stretchers: "provide a wire stretcher of simple, durable, and economic construction, capable of being applied to a wire and supported upon s post or maintained in working position between posts or uprights" (lines 8-13).
Acetylene Gas Generator
Patent for improving acetylene gas generator designs with the use of an added specification in the form of a new apparatus. Illustrations and instructions are included.
Braiding Attachment for Sewing-Machines.
Patent for an "attachment to the pressure-foot of sewing machines to carry a tinsel or braid in proper position relative to the needle" (lines 15-17) to ensure the tinsel or braid is fully attached to the desired outline on the cloth. Patent includes instructions and illustrations.
Combination Truss-Rod and Corner-Brace for Cars.
Patent for a bracket to "strengthen the car-sills, and, furthermore, to provide means whereby the worn sills may be removed and replaced in a ready and convenient manner." (Lines 15-18) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Composition of Matter for Manufacturing Calcium Carbid.
Patent for a "new and useful Composition of Matter for Manufacturing Calcium Carbid" (lines 5-7) that will aid in the commercially successful production. Patent includes specifications for the composition of matter.
Patent for improvements in curtain fixtures "in which the brackets supporting the spring curtain-roller may be raised or lowered to admit light above the curtain." (Lines 13-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Fishing-Tool for Oil-Wells.
Patent for improvements in fishing tool for oil wells: "in connection with oil well drilling and pumping apparatus" (lines 9-10).
Folding Cot or Bedstead.
Patent for "cots and bedsteads wherein the side and end rail parts are permanently connected mediately of their length in a manner to permit of the folding thereof to form a compact bundle for handling when not in use and a strong and firmly-braced structure when set up to support the sacking bottom for the bed." (Lines 10-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Insect-Proof Roller or Pedestal.
Patent for "a caster or pedestal for beds, sofas, tables, &c.; and it primarily has for its object to provide an article of this character having means for destroying chinches and other insects or vermin, whereby to prevent same from passing up the post or leg into the bed, sofa, or table." (Lines 8-14) Includes instructions and illustrations.