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 County: Comal County, TX
 Collection: Texas Patents
Patent for a "simple, inexpensive, and convenient hand-operated machine employing an oscillating knife or cutter for severing the stalk or stem and at at the same time clamping the shucks, so that the ear, when turned, will effect the bursting open of the shucks, thus permitting the ready removal of the ear" (lines 8-15).
Saddle-Tree Fork.
Patent for a new and improved saddle-tree fork. This design "strengthen[s] the iron fork by means of a bent wooden part" (lines 14-15). It also utilizes ribs running into and through the neck cavity, which strengthens the neck of the saddle, as when bearing the strain of a lasso.
Improvement in Draw-Gages.
Patent for improving the manner in which leather straps may be cut and avoid slippage.
Improvement in Glass Globes or Reservoirs for Lamps.
Patent for an "invention to prevent the breaking of glass globes used in kerosene lamps as reservoirs for the burning fluid; and this invention consists in the application around the reservoir of a rubber ring let into a groove, but projecting sufficiently to receive the concussion in case the lamp is overthrown." (Lines 10-16) Includes instructions and illustrations.
Improvement in Wheel-Plows.
Patent for an improvement in wheel plows made so that "the plowing may be done by passing back and forth in parallel lines" (lines 17-18).
Improvement in Cotton-Tie Stretchers.
Patent for an improvement for an instrument to stretch and tie a band around a cotton bale.
Spring Bed-Bottom.
Patent for the improvement of bedsteads using a spring bottom-construction with zig-zag wire, including illustration.
Wire Fence.
Patent for wire fencing using wooden and iron posts to be more readily seen by cattle, including illustration.